Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i just created my first "look" via
this might be my newest internet vortex.
'cause i really need something else to tempt me to sit on my butt staring at the interweb.
anyway, here it is:
this would be my "music fest" outfit: a half-cup of hipster with a dash of hippie, a pinch of trend with a heap of practicality. whaddya think? it's so fun (at least for me...) to window shop the world and create these outfits! you can narrow it down by article of clothing, price, size, brand--it's pretty amazing. do you have an event coming up? would you trust me to shopstyle an outfit for you???

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  1. cute! I have some rain boots that i adore, thought they're not hunters.

    I'm gonna follow your blog, follow back?

    ChloƩ Mae.


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