Monday, May 10, 2010


i was totally unprepared to wake up to a cloudy, 40-degree saturday.
by now, my wardrobe has been taken over by short sleeves and sandals.
but, the sweatshirt and scarf were a must. if not a hat & mittens!
so, it wasn't exactly the most exciting (or creative, or fashionable) outfit,
but it's what i wore. and it was good enough.

sweatshirt: j.crew
t-shirt: j.crwe
scarf:  kohl's
jeans: paige
shoes: patagonia


  1. I really love how you wrap your scarves. Would you consider posting a tutorial on various ways to wear them? I love wearing scarves, but usually just wrap several times around my neck...boring. Love your blog!

  2. i second that motion. i love wearing scarves and want to wear them with t-shirts this summer, but I'm not quite sure how.

  3. Love the colors and design of the scarf. I can't believe you got it at Kohl's!

  4. ack! i know. i used to be a big kohls-hater. buuuut, i may be switching teams.

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