Thursday, May 20, 2010


thankful thursday.
warning: this is very long. just read the bold print and you'll get the gist of it.

let's start at the very beginning.
mr.a and i met through church when i was 12 and he was 13. our families were great friends and spent a lot of time together. i had a mega-watt crush on mr.a with his bleach-tipped hair and pierced ears. he was a total b.a. before i ever was! anyway, since he was older than me, he totally blew me off for a couple years. then i got to high school and realized there were many bleach-tipped fish in the sea. so i had mega-watt crushes on other boys while mr.a had a mega-watt crush on me! (our timing has always been terrible.) but, during those years, we developed an awesome friendship and he became like a brother to me. 

after high school, he spent a semester here in oregon.
 he would call to check up on me every couple of weeks. but i felt sort of lost without him. i loved him a lot, but still just thought of him like a big brother.
he came home for spring break and we spent a lot of time together and i remember thinking, "seth is the kind of guy i'd want to marry." 
one night we went out for coffee and just drove around for a while. mr.a said something like, "i've missed you a lot and i just want you to know how much i love you."
so romantic, right? sadly, it was lost on me.
 in my ignorance, i happily said,
"i've missed you too!!! you're one of my best friends."
not exactly the response he was looking for.
he returned to oregon to finish up the school year,
but he stayed on my mind and i missed him a lot.

he came back to iowa for my high school graduation and we spent every day together. one afternoon, my mom and i returned from the store and sat in the car for probably an hour just talking. she was asking me about my feelings for mr.a. and she asked if we had kissed or anything.
"mom! no!!! we're just friends!"
i told her i loved him but i wasn't in love with him.
two days later, everything changed.
i got off work and had a message from mr.a to meet him at a friend's house to watch a movie.
i walked into the house and made my way down the familiar, creaky steps of our friend's basement. i turned the corner at the bottom of the steps and the room was completely dark except for the glow of the tv. seth was the only thing i saw as i walked into the room and
it was like something. just. clicked.

i was totally in love with him.
i sat down next to him and my heart was pounding. we were watching tears of the sun
, but all i could think about was seth.
i inched a little closer to him. i wanted to tell him everything i was thinking but i was so scared and nervous! eventually i just reached for his hand. 
we sat there nervously in the dark, like a couple of junior high kids. there was so much to say but that night we didn't say anything. that may sound akward or weird, but it wasn't. it was just nice. and felt right.
the next day we went to a home show with his parents and i remember feeling so nervous. like it was a date. he picked me up and we didn't talk about the night before. we walked through all 11 houses and didn't talk about the night before. but on our way back to his house, he nervously said something like, "sooo... what are you thinking?" and i knew he didn't mean about the paint choices in house #8. 
what i was thinking was that i wanted to marry him. there was no way i was going to ruin our years of friendship for a summer fling. if we were going to do this, we were going to do it right. and do it forever. so i told him that.
and (luckily) he agreed.

he left a week later for the entire summer. it was torture. but he sent me at least two letters a week, filled with his thoughts and poetry. it was probably really good for us to have that time apart; for our romantic relationship to develop without any physical distraction. cause he's bow-chicka-wow-wow hot and it's hard for me to keep my hands off him. sorry, dad.
i had already decided to attend the same school in oregon in the fall and he was planning to return as well. after our summer apart, we were reunited and had an amazing 3-day road trip with friends across the country to gorgeous cannon beach.
it was the perfect place to date. (and of course study and do homework. whatever. this is a love story, not an account of my education.) i remember so many evenings spent sitting in his truck, watching the sunset, listening to johnny cash, "when the man comes around". we listened the heck out of that album.
 we waited months to have our first kiss. and when we finally did it was right on that gorgeous beach pictured at the top. (and it was actually really akward, but we got better with practice, ha!)

we had a wonderful year there and made lifelong friends. one of those lifelong friends is getting married this weekend (it's about time, jonboy!) and i thought it'd be really fun and romantic for us to attend his wedding and celebrate our fifth anniversary in the place we had our very first kiss.
i booked our flights and hotel, rented a car. lined up our parents to watch the girls, all without mr.a knowing! i had to reveal the big surprise about a month ago because of some training he has to do with the guard. but, we're still able to go and we leave this afternoon!!! 
i'm so thankful for this opportunity to spend the weekend with my favorite person in my favorite place.
and i'm so thankful for my very best friend, my hot-hunka-hubsy, my sweet sugar-daddy, the only one i don't have to explain my jokes to, and the only one that knows everything about me and still loves me.

okay, except God. but you know what i mean.

the end.


  1. Great Story! (Reag forwarded along the link to your page).

  2. LOVE! Have a super wonderful time!!!

  3. Ahhhh, super beautiful love story.

  4. awh! love this! thanks for sharing your love story! so sweet...i remember seth coming to speak at ica's spiritual emphasis retreat and telling all of us he was going to marry you and i was like "uh...does she know this..." because you could tell he was so serious about it so i figured either its for real or i need to let bethany know about this stalker! haha! congrats on 5 years!

  5. What a great story! (and it's definitely not 'the end' - there will be oodles of years and crazy fun stuff that you can add to your story)
    Have fun on your trip! Happy anniversary!

  6. Bethany...I LOVE reading your're so creative, witty, and an awesome writer! Thanks for sharing your heart and letting us read!

  7. ok...i have to say you left off that ever adorable detail that you two held hands on the couch at his parents house watching a movie that first weekend we visited he didn't blow you off til we moved here :)

  8. OK, I know I'm Seth's mom, but I cried while reading this. I am so thankful for YOU! How special to know what how much you love my son this much!! What could be better!


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