Wednesday, May 12, 2010


right now i'm eating jalapeno tostitos and peanut butter m&m's.
based on my jelly-belly and my snack choices lately, i'd think there's a bun in the ove. but, i know there's not. so i have no excuse.
anyway, what i really wanted to talk about is this show:
9 by design
it's about a couple of designers with seven (seven) kids. they purchase properties; renovate, decorate, and sell. they have fantastic design sense and they just seem like a down-to-earth family.
 i watched it for the first time last night and i was instantly obsessed.
they. are. so. cute.
i stinkin' stayed up til midnight to witness the cuteness. but it was so worth it. cute dad, cute mom, and cute kids with cute names.
yep, you should watch it.


  1. LOVE IT! I started watching last week and I totally agree that they are super the names, breaker,bellamy,major love love love!

  2. I love this show too! Wouldn't you just love to live in one of their houses? I just need to say though - who has time to run around to Europe buying all the light fixtures and craziness that they do - when you have 7 children? I can't imagine!

  3. AHHHH!! I was just getting ready to blog about this-my new favorite show! Seriously. Not only are their kids so stinkin cool, their house is AH-MAZING. Now if I could just get josh to move us to NY, make a couple mil, i'd consider having that many kids too. (oh, and get a nanny);)

  4. Amen. I love this show soo much. They are the cutest thing ever. Their design and creative ideas are so fantastic!!! I stay up late to watch it as well. Its great to see how someone with this many children can still keep her cool in tough parenting situations. Don't doubt your parenting skills, even though we don't know eachother, i'm sure every single day Piper and Quinn are so thankful to have You as their mommy!!:)
    btw- LOVE ur posts... secretly addicted!!


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