Tuesday, May 11, 2010


my peeps: i've been hangin' with the cool crowd.

this gal is writing my blog, just ten times better. she's a mom, she has great style and a cute house! and she gets paid to do virtual personal shopping for people! my dream. check her out. she's my new life coach. she just doesn't know it yet.

this is jenny. she's not for the faint of heart. she writes (and cusses) here. i love don't mind a good dose of swearing & sarcasm... on occasion. she just happens to use swearing & sarcasm on every occasion. she has fantastic design sense but i don't really care about that cause she makes me laugh so much. plus, she's as obsessed with edward as i am. she's my new bad influence. she just doesn't know it yet.

this young family just moved from san fran to n.c.
melissa is a gorgeous working mom; brent is a handsome musician (and sahd!!!); and little everly is a dreamboat. they are the epitome of the hipster family. they are our new couple-friends. they just don't know it yet.  

kendi is my new favorite fashion-blogger. she has great outfits, great pictures, and great dialogue. she writes exactly how her thoughts process. which, apparently, is similar to how my thoughts process because every post cracks me up. kendi is one funny gal. and her hubsy happens to be a photographer, so she looks amazing even on days she thinks she looks crappy. she's my new style icon. she just doesn't know it yet.

so...what do you think of my new entourage?

edit: oh my word, i totally linked to the wrong "good life for less" blog!
apparently there's another good life. for lesser. in ireland.
don't worry--i want my good life for less in the u.s.!
it's fixed now. sorry for any confusion!


  1. super cute and funny sites, and I love that for the most part they are sort of smallish/indie blogs. those are always the fun ones to check out. thanks for sharing!

  2. So far I have only checked out Jenny but I LOVE her! Totally irreverent and fab style! Her Next Design Star series is HILARIOUS!!!

  3. @manda: i know! i never even watched that show but i read every one of her posts on it!

    @fourflights: so many blogs, so little time, huh?! i almost hate discovering new blogs--"can i REALLY add one more to my blog roll?"


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