Friday, May 14, 2010


i found my dream chairs at a consignment sale/fundraiser for the des moines art center last weekend. they needed some work, but they look like this. (just an older, dirtier version.) they were asking $200 for the six chairs plus a table. i couldn't let them go, but i also couldn't justify spending 200 bones on something we don't need. at all. 
so i left them.
that night i dreamt about them and when i woke up in the morning i knew i had to go back and see if they were still there. i got to the sale 10 minutes early. there were already a few people milling around outside. but i was on a mission. i inched my way to the door, trying not to look desperate. (it helps having a cute 3 year-old to distract everyone.)
finally the doors opened. i rushed forward, and there they were!
i left piper in the dust and snatched the price tag off the table. i took it up to the check-out and, since it was the final day of the sale... they were half off! it was truly meant to be.
the moral of the story? it pays to have patience.
 it also means i have some chairs for sale. remember these? of design sponge fame? if you're in the area and would like these beauties, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail. there are nine chairs.


  1. Bethany, how much do you want for them? I LOVE THOSE and would buy them in a second. Are they in good, sturdy condition?


    email me at:

    or call me: 515.991.7471

  2. ugh. so happy for you. so sad for me. once again, if you ever decide to part with your awesome new table & chairs...please put me first on your list. i la-la-love them. ....or maybe i could just come over with some sticky notes & put my name on the bottom of the stuff i want?? that worked for my grandma....just sayin'.

    yeah for you & cute new table & chairs! i'll keep saying it until i really feel it for you...because envy is an ugly bitch!

  3. I can't believe you're getting rid of those chairs! I remember when you first got them and how excited you were! These new ones better be worth it :)

  4. haha, uh-oh. maybe i should be having second-thoughts! my sister thinks i'm crazy for getting rid of them, too! meredith--you may be in luck...

  5. i have to say that although your new ones will be totally rad, i have to side with joey on this one. I love love love the original chairs. :)

  6. here are my top reasons to keep original chairs:
    -its so hard to find gorgeous fabric to add lots of rich patterns and texture to your house. those are a huge pop of personality (and I don't think new chairs would look quite right with random vintage fabrics)
    -they have way more character than the new chair
    -the chair in the girls' room and your other two new chairs are very similar to these

    Caveat: your old chairs are way more MY style than the new ones so I'm expressly speaking from MY OWN design aesthetic!


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