Saturday, May 29, 2010


day three, part two: the wedding!

the wedding was held at a charming little chapel. it was once a lighthouse. unfortunately, i don't have pictures because we thought we were late.
(but we weren't. hurray for weddings that don't start on time!) 
the ceremony was beautiful. my favorite part was watching jon-boy's expression as he saw his bride walk towards him.  i've never seen that look on his face before. i've never seen tears in his eyes either!
whew... that was a doozie.

after the ceremony, we drove up to astoria, washington for the reception. (astoria is famous for fine films such as: goonies, free willy, and kindergarten cop. watch those again and you'll see where we spent our weekend!)
the reception was held in the loft of a renovated warehouse called the red building.
it overlooks the columbia river.
in the lower level there is a chic wine bar (behind mr.a)...

and an art gallery...
jon-boy works for columbia river coffee roasters. so there was a full-service coffee-bar with skilled baristas (pictured in the background of the photo below). it was fun being able to order any drink you wanted...for freeeeee! plus, each guest was sent home with a package of a special roast created especially for jon and kolene.

this is shaun (above). he's sort-of a combination of william wallace and frodo baggins. (without frodo's sweetness. shaun is definitely not sweet. but he's funny and awesome.) the man has the feet of a hobbit; wide and thick and hairy. they're kind of amazing.
lucky for shaun, tara is funny, awesome and sweet. plus, she has a thing for hobbit feet.
she's totally out of his league.

okay, back to the reception.

during the requisite (boring unique and indulgent meaningful*) slideshow, tara and i entertained ourselves with more pictures...
after watching the sweet "first dance" i was in the mood to bust a move.

buuut, we were the only ones dancing so i quickly got it out of my system.
for dessert they had these amazing miniature cheesecakes with shortbread crust.

oh. my. wurd. they were delish.
there was raspberry, lemon, and caramel. and yes, we sampled them all.
i was so wrapped up in the delicousness, i lost my whits and forgot to take a picture. sorry.

we had a fantastic time at the wedding.
it was great to see some of our old friends and teachers.
and we had a blast with these two...

we love you guys!!!

the whole trip was amazing. i hope i captured how wonderful it was in these posts. it was like a second honeymoon. i'm so thankful mr.a & i got the chance to just. be. together.
if you're married, please do something like this for yourselves.
it's totally worth it. and by "worth it" i mean:
 being away from the stress of real life is great for your sex life! oops, tmi.

the end.

*okay, i know i'm a scrooge about wedding slideshows. maybe i'm the only person in the world that doesn't like them. i just think they cause way too much pre-wedding stress, technical difficulties, and are generally waaaay too long. i encourage all wedding planners to come up with a new way to show off the couple. 

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