Thursday, May 27, 2010


day two: part one.
it was almost as good as day one. actually, it was just as good, in different ways. we slept in again (you may begin to see a pattern here), and went to breakfast at my other favorite spot: the lazy susan.
since i was overwhelmed by the options, we decided to order both of their daily specials and trade half-way.
i started with the spinach/bacon/swiss omelette...
it was packed with fresh spinach (no limpy, frozen stuff here) and crispy, peppered bacon.
oh man. it was so good.
and i ended in oatmeal waffle heaven...
this was seriously one of the best breakfasts i've ever had. the waffle was topped with strawberries, bananas, and housemade yogurt. i'm not a big syrup person, but they had this orange syrup that was so light and delicious. oh my. it was so crazy good. all the flavors combined perfectly.
i mourned my last bite.
after trying to capture the beauty of this tree, we headed down the coast to short sands beach. aka: shorty's. for some reason i didn't take any pictures on the hike down there. you walk through this incredible forest that makes you feel like a hobit. there are massive trees and some have fallen over exposing their enourmous root systems. it's so green and lush and everything is dripping. there's a stream that you walk along that eventually flows out into the ocean. it is just gorgeous.
our great friends, shaun and tara (from bellingham, wa) were also in town for the wedding. they called just as we were getting to shorty's and we were so excited to meet up with them. we hadn't seen them in about 4 years and they're just one of those couples we both get along with really well. shaun braved the surf with a ton of other people that day. he said the waves weren't that great, but he still looked pretty b.a. to me. shorty's is a great place to watch other people surf and wish you were that cool.
by the way... remember blue crush? try girl crush. i totally wanted to be a surfer chick after that. kate bosworth was so rad. now she could probably use a cheeseburger or 8, but she's so gorgeous and she has those two-different-colored eyes like some kinda hot huskie. awesome.
after shaun got tired of being wasted by the waves, we headed back to bill's tavern for fish/chips & pints.
shaun and tara had some weddingly duties, so we parted ways for a few hours but met back up at our hotel to get ready for the rehearsal. shaun was a groomsmen so he had to be at the rehearsal the whole time. mr.a, tara, and i helped set up for the dinner. once that was done we entertained ourselves taking dorky pictures.

in case you're new around here: mr.a is deploying to his spot on the map in about 8 weeks. i will remain on my spot on the map. hence, our frowny faces.
when that got old (or depressing...) we decided to explore a little bit. we came upon this awesome dive bar. all the patrons were crusty old guys and we definitely received a once-over when we walked in. but, it was fun to hang out with the locals and by the end, we had them in a congo line singing copa cabana.
okay, not really. but i did start talking to the guy next to me and he was really nice. crusty and nice.

we got back to the rehearsal just in time for dinner. 
we were some of the last people through the line and it was a good thing because apparently tara had over-loaded her plate (just kidding. they were flimsy. i guess.) and her whole plate gave way and dumped into the pan of pulled pork! i could not stop laughing as i helped her scoop her broccoli-pork-fruit-chips mixture back onto her plate.
after dinner they had tillamook ice cream cones. holy cow, they were good. i had marionberry pie ice cream in mine. oh my word. so, so good. i had two. (don't tell my mom.)
the night ended with a bon-fire on the beach.
then we walked back to our hotel and collapsed into bed.

stay tuned for day two: part two!


  1. Fun :) I used to work at the Lazy Susan Cafe! Our waffles with fruit are the best!

  2. oh my word, autumn. i would've gained 75 pounds if i worked there!

  3. that kohl's scarf is super cute. you must have had a return, huh?? :)
    I thought of using my gap gift card for a scarf, but again, i just need your help. we need to schedule a mall outing one of these days.

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