Wednesday, May 26, 2010


the next day...

we slept in.
oh, glorious sleep, how highly underrated you are. i didn't get out of bed til after nine. i got ready (slooooowly) and then we went to one of my favey-fave breakfast places: 
pig 'n pancake.
i was so excited to be there.
because it was so dark and we were so tired when we arrived the night before, it didn't sink in that we were really there. but when we woke up to the sun shining, arrived at the pig & pancake, and saw that all my favorite staff still worked there--i was just giddy.

we ordered our "usual." the 2x4 for mr.a, and the junior plate for me.
they have these sourdough pancakes that i luuuuurve. with a little marionberry syrup--they are out of this world. when mr.a & i lived there, i literally (literally) ate them at least once a week.
they are that good.

after breakfast, mr.a suggested a schedule of shopping, tavern, shopping. i readily agreed. saving the best stores for post-tavern. it paid off. wink!

bill's tavern is a microbewery in cannon beach with great beer and delicious fish & chips. i always order the kid's size and regret not going all out.
(on the fish & chips, that is.)

when mr.a had drank enough beer to make him think he wanted to shop some more, we got back to it.

purple moon is a fantastic little boutique with unique clothing, shoes, jewelry and purses. mr.a reclined on the man-couch while i grabbed a few dresses to try on... just for fun.
there was one i especially liked, so i had mr.a grab a pair of heels for me to complete the look.
he picked these and they were perfect. apparently he really liked the look too, because he said,
"i'd like to buy that for you."
whaaaaat?! are you sure?
and then,

"the shoes, too."
oh my word. i thought i was dreaming. i've always thought it would be so romantic to have my man buy me dress, but rarely do i ask mr.a to suffer through a shopping trip with me. i was in la-la land.

after i thanked him 18,000 times, we got some coffee and went for a drive down the coast.
we parked and walked out to this scenic point...

after a bunch of timer-set shots, i finally realized why i looked like a huge dork and took my hood off...
the water and waves and rocks and green were so beautiful.
i wish my pictures could have accurately captured it all.

after all that excitement, we went back to our hotel and took a nap. a nap!
we woke up at 8 p.m., ate dinner, and went to a
movie. a movie! we never go to movies!

eating. shopping. eating. shopping. hiking. sleeping. eating. movie.
it was The Best Day Ever.


  1. PERFECTION!!! When do we get to see the "wear" post with the dress?

  2. Just so you know, your vacation blogs are particularly fun to read. What great pictures! I am both so happy for you and completely jealous. :)

  3. Beautiful coastline! Where is that at exactly? We did a bunch of timer shots on vacation as well and it's the best way cuz you can just keep doing it over and over till you like em'!

  4. That is like a dream vacation! The pacific northwest is the only part of the US that I've never been to. I'm going to copy your trip down to every detail, including Jake buying me a full blown outfit, k?

    I promise I'll email you back abou our little plan. The salon has been insane this week and I can't believe it's only Wednesday.


  5. @manda: don't worry, it's comin'!
    @tory: we were in cannon beach and seaside, oregon.
    @ck: thanks!
    @reags: yay for busy salons! (and an excuse to relieve all that work-induced stress by shopping!)


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