Wednesday, May 19, 2010


a green eggs & ham story.

so, the zoo, right? i have to admit; i'm not really a "zoo person."
not really an animal person in general. i used to have a debilitating fear of birds. and dogs. okay, and cats, too. but especially birds.

quick story: one time, when mr.a & i were about 15 & 16, we went on a trip to chicago. we were eating lunch on navy pier with some friends and i kept having to duck because birds kept hovering above our table and diving down so close to us. all of a sudden a pigeon dive-bombs me. flies down between the picnic table and my lap. i scream bloody, run inside the restaurant, and refuse to come back out. (yeah, i was a bit dramatic.) mr.a, later admitted that he & my other "friend" had been throwing french fries at my feet to get birds to attack me. lucky for him, i forgot about it for a while and married him.

so, back to the zoo. i hadn't been to a zoo in probably ten years. and even when my manda invited us to go this week i was sorta "meh" about it. but, i love my manda and her kids keep piper outta my hair entertained, so i figured it'd be a fun afternoon. and it was. i'm so glad we went.
 it was seriously the perfect day. warm (but not hot) in the sunshine, cool (but not cold) in the shade. and since school is still in session, it wasn't too crowded even though the weather was crazy-gorgeous.
we saw all kinds of animals. some i knew (flamingos) some i didn't know (serval???). but manda knew them all. she'd be like, "oh! emu!" and i'd be like, "waaah? how'd you know that?" she's just smart. or maybe she just read the signs.
piper roamed free, so quinn got to sit in the front seat.
she spent most of her time like this:
my favorite part was the aquarium... 
the sea horses were super cute...
and i was loving these neon frogs (neon is totally in this summer), but manda said they are POISON! she said the brighter the color the more poisonous they are! crazy.
i did NOT like this guy. it took all my courage just to get close enough for this picture. but i did it for you, dear readers. view at your own risk. it is really scary...
the tiger was really skinny which made me sad. he looked like an orange greyhound (dog, not bus) with a cat's head...
manda said that in south africa giraffes are like, twice as big as the giraffes in the zoo...
but, she said the chickens in the zoo are like 10 times bigger than normal...
it was pretty cool to watch the different animals. (the otters? so cute. and the sea lions made this crazy bark-fart noise.) and we learned so many fun animal facts from manda. she could've made it all up, but i don't care cause it made it really fun to go to the zoo with her and the kiddos.  

i think i like the zoo, i do.
i think i like it, so should you.

i like the seahorse and the frog,
i like them, like them on my blog.

i like the tiger, but he needs
a second-helping of his feed.
(or a cheeseburger.)

the gator's scary but i suppose,
he's okay with his trap closed.

i like the zoo behind the fence,
i'd like it better if it cost ten cents.

aaaand, in case there was any question: i'm officially a dork.


  1. Totally funny! I did not make up any of my animal facts...I am just that smart. So glad you ventured out of your comfort zone to rock the zoo with me. I had a ton of fun! Can't believe you didn't include the fact that we looked like Rosie O and Kelly pre-divorce. Funniest comment of the day.

  2. I can't wait til my son can appreciate the jelly fish and sea horses! He's too little still to get it! That looked like so much fun!

  3. I want you to know I laughed hysterically at "bark-fart."

  4. Bennett taught Manda everything she knows about animals. Just sayin.


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