Saturday, May 08, 2010


today my piper turned three.

because it was windy and cold we had to scratch our original plans. but plan B turned out to be awesome and we had so much fun.
we started the day with...presents!
(yeah, we're the kind of people who like to eat dessert first, too.)

then we ate birthday cake buns.
we sang happy birthday and she blew out all three candles.
and then it was time for a birthday nap.
after naptime, we had an afternoon full of big girl things to do.

we twirled while waiting for our food at one of our favorite

great food, drinks, and atmosphere. not to mention, kids eat free on weekends!

and royalty drinks free on weekends...

my fish tacos weren't free. but were awesome.

a little apprehensive about our next event...

but she did it!

someone else was a big girl today, too...

mr.a eventually o.d.'d on girly and put piper to work in the shop.

birthdays don't get you out of chores 'round here.
happy birthday, pup.
you were the best mother's day gift i'll ever have.
i love you so.


  1. this is so sweet Bethany! Love the Army Tee & tu tu!
    Happy Birthday Piper! :-)
    Aly Carroll

  2. awwwwww how sweet is this! i loved that she got her nails done AND ears pierced, definitely some big girl presents! happy birthday piper!

  3. YAY! What a perfect day!!! Piper will have to let Madeline know that getting your ears pierced is NOT torture!!

  4. This is so sweet. Haven sat in that exact chair and got her ears pierced. :)

  5. I almost teared up reading your post and seeing how big Piper has gotten. I remember driving to Adel with Alison for her first bubble themed party!


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