Thursday, April 29, 2010


country mouse.

last weekend we drove about an hour north to spend the day with family and friends in the country. it was a beautiful, warm, cloudy day. we did some exploring, eating, and lots of marshmallow-toasting.
we found this gorgeous old chevy.
so i decided to have my senior picture taken on it...

this blouse is one of my favorite things. it's on my What to Grab if Our House Burns Down list.* my grandear** gave it to me a few years ago. the hand-stitching is so gorgeous, i can just picture her wearing it; hair tied under a silk scarf, trying to get three rowdy kids into the old ford falcon. sigh...
her house is full of vintage treasures.
i really liked the contrast of the rusty vintage truck with this delicate vintage blouse...

blouse: it was my grandear's
 jeans: gap
flats: steve madden
woven cuff: forever 21, i think.

*yes, i have a What to Grab if Our House Burns Down list. it also includes my kids, the Bible my dad used in our wedding that's filled with special notes, love letters from mr.a, and The Folder. you know, the folder with all the important stuff in it.

**yes, we call our grandma "grandear."  i think it's a southern thing. or maybe we just made it up because she's so grand. and dear.


  1. super cute detail on the blouse. and the truck is the perfect back drop.


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