Sunday, April 18, 2010


not too cool for school.
on saturday i went to a parenting seminar. i was going for an outfit that said,
"needs all the bleeping help she can get so give her all your books and cd's for freeeee!"
apparently, this outfit got confused and said,
"i'd love to check out all your books and cd's from the library." 
guess i should've gone with option two: a housecoat, slippers and a bottle of jack daniels. next time.

i started out with these pants
i added the shoes to dress up the pants.
added the t-shirt to dress down the shoes.
then added the necklace to dress up the shirt.
 still with me?
though it didn't win me anything at the seminar, i really liked the end result of my irrational outfit planning.
t-shirt: j.crew
tank: j.crew
pants: gap
shoes: gap outlet

necklace: thifted from worn

 i did learn some awesome tools to tame the wild beast that is toddlerdom.
if you're a parent, i highly recommend the love & logic book series.
they have resources for every stage of parenting and their tools are simple, practical and effective.


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