Thursday, April 15, 2010


this week i had the rare opportunity to spend almost an entire day with my best friend, e.e. we met on our first day of high school and while she lives a fun, carefree, satc-esque* life in the twin cities, i live the pits-esque** life back in our hometown. but, we have so much fun together and no matter how our lives change, our friendship stays the same.

anyway, we followed a steady schedule of eat, drink, shop, repeat. it was great. one of our stops was a new-ish, upscale consignment shop, worn. she was selling, i was buying. i found this funky, striped top in perfect condition. and as a bonus, for some reason they didn't accept this bit of sunshine from e.e.'s sell-pile, so she gave it to me! it's my new favorite bag. perfect for sprucing up my springtime wardrobe. i didn't get too wild with my outfit today, but sometimes it's nice to stick with the basics. the primaries, if you will.

*satc: sex and the city
**pits: parenting in the suburbs

as for thankful thursday: i'm thankful for amazing friends with great taste and generous hearts. and that satc2 is coming out next month!!!!!!!!

p.s. don't i look like a midget little person in that first picture? sheesh! get some heels, girl!


  1. super cute. love the pop of red on the toe & yellow on your arm!

    i can't wait for SATC2, don't the trailers make you drool??

  2. seriously. my heart races when i watch the trailer!

  3. I am so excited about satc2.
    I thought it would be terrible, then I saw the trailer and it makes me all giddy and makes me want to shop for days haha.

  4. Too bad we won't be together again for SATC2! Don't worry, the day it comes out I'll post photos and videos of when we all saw SATC1 together ;-) Just for old times sake!


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