Wednesday, April 07, 2010


are you ready to ramble?
yesterday was kind of a long day... well, at least the 6 hours until nap time was. by that time i was kind of in a funk. nothing gets me out of a funk quicker than playing dress-up. okay, shopping is probably quicker, but dress-up is free! before my life was blessed with two darling daughters, i played dress-up all the time! i'd spend an hour (or two) in my closet, creating new combinations of old clothes.
so yesterday, while the girls napped, i played dress-up and instantly ended my funk. i found an outfit i liked. and then i realized it was 78 degrees outside. so i rolled up my sleeves and pinch-rolled my pants and found i liked it even more! and then piper woke up and told me i looked like a prince.
"a princess?"
"no, momma. a prince!"
so i scratched the whole thing and put on this great shirtdress that i got last week at the gap for $15! it was one of those miracle-shopping-moments where the clouds parted and the sun shone down, illuminating The Perfect Dress. and then i heard a choir singing,
"it's on clearance, it's on clearance, itsonclearance, itsonclearance,
it's oooooon cllllleeeeeaaaaraaaaaance!!!!"
to the tune of that "hallelujah" song. you know the one.
anyway, anyone that knows me really well knows i have a minor obsession with olive green. like, i'd wear it head-to-toe if it wouldn't make me look like a moldy zucchini. and i love a shirt-dress, and you all know i love a mandarin collar. so basically, this dress was perfect for me.
so, back to yesterday afternoon. i put the perfect dress on & instantly felt fantastic. i wanted the world to see how fantastic i felt, do you ever do that? like, plan a hot date for the night you get your hair done? so i called mr.a & said, we're hittin' up happy hour! family style.
meaning: no babysitter. this is my no baby-sitter face:

dress: gap, belt: thrifted banana republic, flats: steve madden, watch: la mer

determined to make the best of it, we went to cheesecake factory. they have the best (family friendly) happy hour; great drink specials and a selection of small plates for $4-$7. plus, we bribed piper with the play-place at the mall if she behaved.

i had a mojito (okay, two) and ahi tuna tartare, 
mr.a had a sam adams (okay, two) and sliders,
we all shared chilled summer rolls and edamame.
and quinn ate...a spoon.

it was delicious.


  1. CUTE...
    everything about this post is cute and wonderful.

  2. i love your shirt dress AND shoes! i've been looking for a good pair of cheetah ? print shoes that don't scream i'm cheap and/or i'm over 40. you look great!


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