Thursday, April 01, 2010


one great tip i received at the conference last weekend was to keep a journal of things you are grateful for. i thought that was a great idea; a way to maintain a positive attitude and keep things in perspective.
so i'm going to designate thursdays around here as thankful thursday.
i'll share some things that make me feel loved, make me feel grateful, and even things that just make me smile. i think thankfulness is contagious, so feel free to use the comment section to share what you are thankful for!

today i am thankful for my family.

for mr.a and the time he takes for the little things: removing my glasses when i fall asleep reading. asking if i need anything when he heads for the kitchen. whispering, "you look beautiful this morning" before slipping out the door. he's such a good man, husband, and dad.

 for piper and her positive perception of the world. she has a dad who won't always be here, a mom who constantly fails at being the mom she deserves; and yet, she's great at finding the silver lining, pointing out the things most of us miss, and adding her quirky creativity to mundane moments.
at a gas station, we pull up next to a soldier in uniform:
"you are a hero just like my daddy!"

this morning i stuck a bagel in the toaster for her:
"mommy, you are the best cooker in the whole world!"
preparing to run some errands:
me: "we can go to target or tj maxx."
p: "noooo!"

me: "what's wrong? i'm letting you pick!"
p: "i wanna go to target and tj maxx!"

now that's my girl!

for quinn and her smiles that can sweeten the sour out of any moment. quinn started smiling just as mr.a left for training last october. though the days were often crazy and she was usually put on the backburner; the evenings were her time. we would snuggle in bed and she would look up at me with those bright blue eyes and often, those little moments with my baby girl were what kept me from crying myself to sleep. (ok that, and the lexapro.)


  1. okay, i'll bite at your lead. :) today i'm thankful for patience, because had i not had any, i would never have been able to wait for my new job. lesson learned: good things can come to those who wait.

  2. Great post! You must tell me where you got Piper's adorable yellow sandals! My daughters need a pair, asap!

  3. Super love this post. And SUPER love the first two pics on here. Maybe they could be added as art in their future big girl room.

  4. bethany...a couople of weeks ago we started a family gratitude journal. my kids were becoming quite negative. (could they be following my lead?? hmmm...) we fill it out at the dinner table every night. we all say what we are grateful for that day and i write in on the page with the date. it's been great. now, they can't come up with just one. and it's fun to go back and look at the past gratefuls.
    -mindy clarkson

  5. hmmmm, photog cred goes toooo???


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