Friday, April 30, 2010


this bag is perfect.
and what's this? 25% off if you enter the code GYPSYMOM? how economic!coughmothersdaycough!
my goodness! i think i may have come down with a spot of bronchitis.
please excuse me while i spend the day online-window-shopping in my jammies.


forgetful friday.
i skipped thankful thursday (again), so here it is, on friday.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


country mouse.

last weekend we drove about an hour north to spend the day with family and friends in the country. it was a beautiful, warm, cloudy day. we did some exploring, eating, and lots of marshmallow-toasting.
we found this gorgeous old chevy.
so i decided to have my senior picture taken on it...

this blouse is one of my favorite things. it's on my What to Grab if Our House Burns Down list.* my grandear** gave it to me a few years ago. the hand-stitching is so gorgeous, i can just picture her wearing it; hair tied under a silk scarf, trying to get three rowdy kids into the old ford falcon. sigh...
her house is full of vintage treasures.
i really liked the contrast of the rusty vintage truck with this delicate vintage blouse...

blouse: it was my grandear's
 jeans: gap
flats: steve madden
woven cuff: forever 21, i think.

*yes, i have a What to Grab if Our House Burns Down list. it also includes my kids, the Bible my dad used in our wedding that's filled with special notes, love letters from mr.a, and The Folder. you know, the folder with all the important stuff in it.

**yes, we call our grandma "grandear."  i think it's a southern thing. or maybe we just made it up because she's so grand. and dear.

Friday, April 23, 2010


the t.ruffle girls.

a writer/photog duo that work together to create pretty pics paired with perfect prose.
find more truffles here.*

*the link is to one of my favorites.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


watch this!
i promise you will smile.
and be amazed.
and possibly form a little boy-crush.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


not too cool for school.
on saturday i went to a parenting seminar. i was going for an outfit that said,
"needs all the bleeping help she can get so give her all your books and cd's for freeeee!"
apparently, this outfit got confused and said,
"i'd love to check out all your books and cd's from the library." 
guess i should've gone with option two: a housecoat, slippers and a bottle of jack daniels. next time.

i started out with these pants
i added the shoes to dress up the pants.
added the t-shirt to dress down the shoes.
then added the necklace to dress up the shirt.
 still with me?
though it didn't win me anything at the seminar, i really liked the end result of my irrational outfit planning.
t-shirt: j.crew
tank: j.crew
pants: gap
shoes: gap outlet

necklace: thifted from worn

 i did learn some awesome tools to tame the wild beast that is toddlerdom.
if you're a parent, i highly recommend the love & logic book series.
they have resources for every stage of parenting and their tools are simple, practical and effective.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


this week i had the rare opportunity to spend almost an entire day with my best friend, e.e. we met on our first day of high school and while she lives a fun, carefree, satc-esque* life in the twin cities, i live the pits-esque** life back in our hometown. but, we have so much fun together and no matter how our lives change, our friendship stays the same.

anyway, we followed a steady schedule of eat, drink, shop, repeat. it was great. one of our stops was a new-ish, upscale consignment shop, worn. she was selling, i was buying. i found this funky, striped top in perfect condition. and as a bonus, for some reason they didn't accept this bit of sunshine from e.e.'s sell-pile, so she gave it to me! it's my new favorite bag. perfect for sprucing up my springtime wardrobe. i didn't get too wild with my outfit today, but sometimes it's nice to stick with the basics. the primaries, if you will.

*satc: sex and the city
**pits: parenting in the suburbs

as for thankful thursday: i'm thankful for amazing friends with great taste and generous hearts. and that satc2 is coming out next month!!!!!!!!

p.s. don't i look like a midget little person in that first picture? sheesh! get some heels, girl!

Friday, April 09, 2010


ack! one week and i've already abandoned thankful thursdays.
i have to be honest, yesterday i was not feeling very thankful. but, that's sort of the point, right? recognizing the good stuff when you're surrounded by bad. yesterday, the bad was: sleepiness that refused to go away, a super-ornery toddler, a fussy baby, a pile of dishes and multiple piles of laundry, a fly that would not stop landing on my face while i was trying to nap, and three fingers smashed in the back door (piper's). whew! writing that out makes my problems seem really tiny. so maybe that's a good thing to do every once in a while, too.

i'm thankful that today is a new day. yesterday is gone and will never return. the sun is shining, birds are chirping,'s friday! for today's special edition of thankful friday, i'm gonna find the silver lining and turn each one of those bads into a good.

the bad: incurable sleepiness.
the good: i was really sleepy all day because i woke up at 5 am and had a great workout.

the bad: ornery piper.
the good: orneriness also reveals creativity, a good sense of humor, and a strong mind. i'm thankful piper has all those things.

the bad: fussy quinn.
the good: i'm really thankful that a fussy quinn is a rare occurance. it throws my day off because she is generally so happy and mellow. and that's a good thing.

the bad: piles of dishes and laundry.
the good: great meals had on those dirty dishes and lots of fun had in those dirty clothes.

the bad: the fly.
the good: hmmmm....a fly in the house is a sure sign of spring!

the bad: piper's fingers smashed in the door.
the good: this moment was sort of the climax of the bad day. it was pretty bad. lots of blood. ick. but, it forced us to stop, have a hug, and show some love. and then we went to our happy place. and it was good.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


are you ready to ramble?
yesterday was kind of a long day... well, at least the 6 hours until nap time was. by that time i was kind of in a funk. nothing gets me out of a funk quicker than playing dress-up. okay, shopping is probably quicker, but dress-up is free! before my life was blessed with two darling daughters, i played dress-up all the time! i'd spend an hour (or two) in my closet, creating new combinations of old clothes.
so yesterday, while the girls napped, i played dress-up and instantly ended my funk. i found an outfit i liked. and then i realized it was 78 degrees outside. so i rolled up my sleeves and pinch-rolled my pants and found i liked it even more! and then piper woke up and told me i looked like a prince.
"a princess?"
"no, momma. a prince!"
so i scratched the whole thing and put on this great shirtdress that i got last week at the gap for $15! it was one of those miracle-shopping-moments where the clouds parted and the sun shone down, illuminating The Perfect Dress. and then i heard a choir singing,
"it's on clearance, it's on clearance, itsonclearance, itsonclearance,
it's oooooon cllllleeeeeaaaaraaaaaance!!!!"
to the tune of that "hallelujah" song. you know the one.
anyway, anyone that knows me really well knows i have a minor obsession with olive green. like, i'd wear it head-to-toe if it wouldn't make me look like a moldy zucchini. and i love a shirt-dress, and you all know i love a mandarin collar. so basically, this dress was perfect for me.
so, back to yesterday afternoon. i put the perfect dress on & instantly felt fantastic. i wanted the world to see how fantastic i felt, do you ever do that? like, plan a hot date for the night you get your hair done? so i called mr.a & said, we're hittin' up happy hour! family style.
meaning: no babysitter. this is my no baby-sitter face:

dress: gap, belt: thrifted banana republic, flats: steve madden, watch: la mer

determined to make the best of it, we went to cheesecake factory. they have the best (family friendly) happy hour; great drink specials and a selection of small plates for $4-$7. plus, we bribed piper with the play-place at the mall if she behaved.

i had a mojito (okay, two) and ahi tuna tartare, 
mr.a had a sam adams (okay, two) and sliders,
we all shared chilled summer rolls and edamame.
and quinn ate...a spoon.

it was delicious.

Monday, April 05, 2010


oh my. i just saw this seller on etsy & had to share:
fabuluster is a husband & wife design duo.
they make custom jewelry etched with your fingerprint!
wouldn't these make romantic wedding rings?
(or fifth anniversary rings? coughhint, hint, mr.acough!)


in my younger years i went through a wanna-be hippie phase.
occasionally bra-less, drowning in patchouli, hemp necklace--the works. but things have changed. quinn is the only one seein' me without a bra lately and i love shoes too much to wear birkenstocks every day. i try to recycle, but, sorry al gore, if i find a jar of mayo in my fridge that expired in '06, there's no way i'm washin' that thing out. it's going in the trash and it's just gonna have to take a billion years to decompose.
i still have a thing for tie-dye and when i saw this print in the window of new york & co., i knew i had to have.
it seemed like grown-up tie-dye with its muted colors and modern print. 
i decided to wear it on sunday. 
inspired by the pretty pastels of piper's easter eggs, i paired it with a frothy twinset and added some edge with a stack of bangles.
i'm looking forward to wearing this skirt again in a totally different way.
i actually bought it with a certain event in mind, but it's Top Secret and you'll just have to wait to find out what it is!

Thursday, April 01, 2010


one great tip i received at the conference last weekend was to keep a journal of things you are grateful for. i thought that was a great idea; a way to maintain a positive attitude and keep things in perspective.
so i'm going to designate thursdays around here as thankful thursday.
i'll share some things that make me feel loved, make me feel grateful, and even things that just make me smile. i think thankfulness is contagious, so feel free to use the comment section to share what you are thankful for!

today i am thankful for my family.

for mr.a and the time he takes for the little things: removing my glasses when i fall asleep reading. asking if i need anything when he heads for the kitchen. whispering, "you look beautiful this morning" before slipping out the door. he's such a good man, husband, and dad.

 for piper and her positive perception of the world. she has a dad who won't always be here, a mom who constantly fails at being the mom she deserves; and yet, she's great at finding the silver lining, pointing out the things most of us miss, and adding her quirky creativity to mundane moments.
at a gas station, we pull up next to a soldier in uniform:
"you are a hero just like my daddy!"

this morning i stuck a bagel in the toaster for her:
"mommy, you are the best cooker in the whole world!"
preparing to run some errands:
me: "we can go to target or tj maxx."
p: "noooo!"

me: "what's wrong? i'm letting you pick!"
p: "i wanna go to target and tj maxx!"

now that's my girl!

for quinn and her smiles that can sweeten the sour out of any moment. quinn started smiling just as mr.a left for training last october. though the days were often crazy and she was usually put on the backburner; the evenings were her time. we would snuggle in bed and she would look up at me with those bright blue eyes and often, those little moments with my baby girl were what kept me from crying myself to sleep. (ok that, and the lexapro.)