Tuesday, March 30, 2010


as we got ready for church on sunday, i kept telling mr.a how happy i was that i spent his hard-earned money on this new shirt. as he showered, i gave a short speech on why it's so great for me. some of the main points of the speech were:
1.it has three of my favorite colors in it.
(gray, mint, citron.)
2.it has cute buttons.
3.it has a mandarin collar.
(and i love a mandarin collar.)
4.it's blouse-y.
(whatever that means.)
5.it has embroidery. 

(and i love embroidery. to which mr.a said, "yeah,  you do love embroidery!"
which i thought was sweet. it's the little things, guys!

just to further confirm the awesomeness of this shirt, two people at church told me they loved it. okay, one was my dad, but he obviously has good taste!
all day long, this little shirt brought a smile to my face. even when i got grouchy because i needed a nap and even when mr.a made fun of my attempt at posing for pictures and even when i ate too much at plaza mexico and my pants got way too tight and even later when that yummy mexican food made my stomach all funkified.
tmi? tmi. but that's what we read blogs for, right?

awesome shirt: fossil
tank: j.crew
jeans: von maur
bracelet: banana
sandals: j.crew


  1. You look great!!! Love the coral toes!!

    We need to see you guys soon! Missing you!!

  2. Love the top!!! No explanation for purchase needed ;)


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