Friday, March 19, 2010


breaking the laws, breaking the laws.

hat: target
scarf: target
jacket: walmart
striped shirt: j.crew
ribbed tank: mr.a's
watch: la mer
jeans: paige
flip-flops: j.crew

i think judas priest wrote that song about this outfit.
or maybe about, umm...a life of crime.
back to the outfit.
i wore this to celebrate the start of my 25th year and i love that it breaks all the old rules:
black with brown? check.
denim on denim? did it.
spots and stripes? done and done.
it was totally fitting; this coming year is going to break all the old rules, too.
and, if it's anything like this outfit, it might be the best year yet!


  1. Aaah! Your fashion-rule following sister is cringeing!! Just look adorable. Plus, your hair is looking super long in this pic! The salt water has been good to you!


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