Friday, March 12, 2010


where's b.a.ldo?
you may be wondering what happened 'round here.
i promise i haven't abandoned my baby. i'm still here. still loving my little dtwsld.
but mr.a came home.
mr.a came home!!!
so, selfishly (ha) we've been focusing on us. just our family.
it's been surprisingly challenging to get things back to "normal."
in the five months mr.a spent in georgia; piper adapted to being bossed around by one parent, i developed the communication skills of a 2 year old ("better to boss you with, my dear"), and quinn... well, she mostly just sits & smiles.  so now she's sitting and smiling as we scramble to reunite our little family.
a whole slew of unexpected emotions came home when mr.a did. so, we're spending a lot of time in deep, honest communication. it's hard and vulnerable and humbling and time-consuming. but we have to. it's so worth it. our marriage is worth it. our kids are worth it. our family is worth it.
forunately, part of the "work" to reconnect involves a trip to the beach! it's our first family vacation and we're going to spend a full week splashing in the ocean, bathing in the sunshine and shirking our responsibilities. it feels good.
so, that's where b.a.ldo's been and where i'll be for the next week or so.
i will try to drop in to see you (i love you! i miss you!) but, i'm not making any promises. or, if i make them, i'm not keeping them. (remember? "shirking responsibilities"?) the only responsibility i'm not shirking is my family.
so, i hope you haven't totally bailed on me. i promise i haven't bailed on you forever.
love, b.a.


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