Thursday, March 25, 2010


edit: this is a pretty scatter-brained post.
just thought i'd let you know, that i know.

don't you wish you could just buy people presents all the time? 
seriously. wouldn't it be so fun to be able to just buy all those things that you see and think, oh, so & so needs this!
like, today, i wanted to buy this for joey:

and this for my bestie e.e.:

and this for our friends' new babe:
i was at tj maxx earlier today and there were so many gifts i wanted to buy.
(many happened to be for myself, but i abstained.)
i allowed myself to buy a puzzle for my nephew, and one for piper, too. their birthdays are coming up. my nephew is a puzzle prodigy so he gets the 48-piecer. piper, on the other hand, gets a 12-piece puzzle. and she will probably need his help to finish it.
but she's like pollock when it comes to play-doh!


  1. I would love to spend all day every day buying presents and packaging them up all nicely for others!! If only I made more money.... Haha. I love that poster, so true!

  2. i think it should be a cosmic law that the gift givers are the wealthy ones. i would be buying gifts left & right, if they didn't cost so much money!!

    i just love your taste. and i have missed you.

  3. that is PERFECT for Joey! haha!

  4. I'm dying over that poSter! How funny. Where is it from??


    I can't remember if I posted on your wall or not but Happy Belated birthday! We thought of you on the yacht on your actual birthday.


  5. Hello Haverlee's sister! ( long ago I went to middle school with your sis) I just was wondering where you stumbled upon the bunny hat from? My good friend is due the first week of April with her second child and I thought what a cute gift esp with Easter right around the corner.....Well hope to hear from ya!

  6. CMae: glad you found your way to my blog! here's the link to that lamby hat:
    hope you get it! it's so adorable and fairly inexpensive.


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