Tuesday, February 23, 2010


sorry i've been absent.
piper showered me with kisses when we were reunited, but then it was payback. i've definitely had to work to reclaim my role as mom.
but, it was totally worth it.
mr.a's break at christmas had been so jam-packed with activity that this time, we made sure to just relax and enjoy each other.

before we left i stopped into forever21 to get a couple things and i found this great striped, wrap, cardigan thing. it's lightweight and comfy--perfect for travel. i ended up wearing it all weekend! it was the perfect extra layer.

scoop-neck t: j.crew
jeans: no-name, thrifted
bangles: f21, j.crew
the post exchange *

one day was sunny and gorgeous, so mr.a and i took quinn down to the river.
sigh...i love iowa, but it's hard to compete with 60 degrees in february.
it was sooo nice to just soak up some vitamin d and feel warmth on my face.
*for anyone who's not familiar: a post exchange is a store on base for military families. all purchases are tax free and most of the prices are about 20% lower than list price. the one at ft. benning was huge, like a mix of a department store & walmart. mr.a found these cute shoes for me and i love 'em. the minty color is so fun & springy!


  1. i love that you are standing on your tip-toes in the picture with your hubby! so cute! i am all excited for you that you got to see him!

  2. love the shoes! And your sweater. And that baby too!



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