Tuesday, February 02, 2010


sunshine cleaning.
not much of an outfit today cause it's time to get some cleaning done around here. i've mentioned the squalor we've been living in lately. today i actually thought,
hmmm...if DHS stopped by for some reason today, they'd probably take my kids away.
you're probably thinking,
stop whining, stop crying, stop blogging for heaven's sake and wash the blank-ing dishes!!!
don't worry. i'll get to them. but first things first...
waffle knit: splendid
orange tee: urban outfitters
jeans: gap
boots: sorel
i bought these boots when we lived in estes park. i honestly thought they were cute and obviously practical. since we returned to sea level, i sorta felt like wearing these was comparable to wearing stilettos in the mountains. but, this winter has been a beast and i've been loving these babies. plus, check out who's selling them now! i feel so hip.
now, off to tackle these:

and this is how i feel about that:


  1. i hope you have some awesome tunes to help keep you motivated while washing the dishes

  2. For cleaning house, your outfit is too, too cute! I love the colors and I'm always a fan of winter boots (born and raised Northwesterner).

  3. Hello Mrs. A! It's been a while since I've stopped by! I hope you're doing well. Good luck with all those dishes... ugh. Doesn't look like a fun project! Maybe some good music will make it feel more bearable?


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