Saturday, February 20, 2010


working out the kinks on a new layout...
there are some little things i want to change (that red-ish orange font on the sidebars topping the list) but overall, i think she's kinda cute! what do you think?
i confess, i did not do this alone.
delicious design studio made this cutie-cute layout and she's helping me get it just right for our little
it's a work in progress, but we'll get it right!


  1. ohh i love the colors and the orange header!!

  2. love it! the colors are perfect!

  3. additional feedback: :)

    can they make any little buttons for you?? like {email me} or {about me} to make the side bars a bit less text-y??

    i love the font of the top posts--could you bring that in on the sides too? if they can't, i'd love to help you out w/ that!

  4. love it! so amazing. i feel like the text in the blog part is kind of cold. or maybe its the stark white background. i don't know...whatever. you're the artsy one.

  5. LOVE their stuff. it looks SO GOOD! :)

  6. i agree with the "text-y" thing meredith. and with the "cold" font have. the fonts and their colors (and the textyness of the sidebars) are my main issues. we'll get this little lady squared away :)
    thanks for all your input!

  7. Should your header say,"a collection of thoughtS.." instead of "a collection of thought..."


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