Tuesday, February 16, 2010


hey friends. i'm back!
my valentine lovers journey was full of unexpected surprises.
some good:
sunshine. roses. kinq-sized beds.
some not-so-good:
snowstorms. flight delays. mandatory curfews.
but i had an amazing time with mr.a.
there are plenty of stories to share, but for now i'm going to snuggle with my favorite two year old who seems to have aged a year and grown 2 inches in the past 5 days.


  1. That picture is SO sweet. Such passion & love.

    So glad you were able to enjoy Valentines weekend with your hubs!

  2. i am drawing air hearts all over this pic!! yay for valentine's weekend visits to hubbies who rock. :) glad to have ya back.

  3. Triple loved all the facebook pics! I am so proud of Seth...I can't imagine how you feel!! Was thinking how crazy it would have been traveling with Piper with all your delays...thank goodness she stayed here!! I have a few more of those "W" magazines for you. Bought any shoes lately? *wink wink*

  4. awwwww love the picture, it is soo romantic and cute! yay for the good (roses are the best!) and boo on the bad (spring needs to come faster)! I only get to see my nephew once every couple of months and he is just growing WAYYY too fast!


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