Tuesday, February 09, 2010


tomorrow i embark on a valentine lovers journey.
okay, that may be a little dramatic. but, i am going to visit my lover. and it just so happens to be valentine's weekend!
how perfect.*
on friday morning at 10:30 am, mr.a officially becomes a soldier. i'm so proud of him. since he began his training in october, he's accomplished some amazing things: promotion to squad leader, being the only squad leader in his platoon to not be fired from his position, improving his 
apft score by over 100 points, qualifying and securing a spot in airborne school, and being selected as honor graduate for his platoon. in addition to loving, supporting, and providing for his family from across the country.
this has been a huge challenge for both of us. we've done things we never knew we could and our separation is not over yet**
but the light at the end of the tunnel is shining pretty bright.

*anything would beat last year.
**he will have 3 weeks for
airborne training.


  1. yeah for Seth! So proud of him and all his accomplishments! So proud of you for making it through! you both deserve a medal! :) Have SOOOO MUCH fun.

    you know, Georgia is for lovers....isn't it? it will be this weekend!


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