Thursday, February 04, 2010


whenever i write to do lists, i always include a few things i've already done so i can cross some stuff off right away.
it's encouraging and motivating in a silly way.
you should try it next time!
notice "shower" has not been crossed off yet.
how do you stay motivated when you have a million things to do?


  1. haha what a great idea!! my lists are always super long and i get frustrated when i can't complete all of the items in a timely manner. =( a good way to stay motivated is to reward yourself with something nice (going out to eat or buy something on etsy), once you have completed your list!! =)

  2. I totally do that too! And I will write the most miniscule task on the list so it looks like I have done more.

  3. Okay, but maybe something besides spending money on yourself...(I really wanted to write "spending money on your broke ass" but decided against it.)
    I learned from somewhere to set a time limit...don't stop for one hour, or whatever time you pick, and then you can take a computer break or snack break or something. and then set another time limit.

  4. i push everything out of my way, get barefoot and bake something I WANT to. It helps me forget about everything else, and then motivates me to perhaps clean ALL the dishes, or tackle the piles of folded clean laundry occupying all of our hampers. :)

  5. oh man, Have, I love your comment. I would love to spend money on my broke ass too! haha

  6. unfortunately i usually get motivated to get stuff done because i'm feeling guilty about spending money on my broke ass, not the other way around. ha! but these are all great ideas. and it's great to know i'm not the only lazy lady out there. btw: did OUR moms have to bribe/force/drag themselves to do everyday tasks? doesn't it seem like they just always had it together? i guess those were pre-fb/blog/onlineshopping days. sigh.

  7. Bethany, I totally agree. I always think..okay I saw my mom do it all and also be so involved at camp, why is it so hard for me to stay motivated. I get in spurts where I want to clean clean clean, but it doesn't last long! I get a few things done and then sit back here :) If I had the money to splurge on one thing I could get out of, it would be a housekeeper for sure. i would LOVE that!

  8. So funny...I was talking to my mother-in-law about this very thing today. She was saying she'd spend an hour or so after her boys' breakfast tidying up so she felt in control of things and then did deeper cleaning during their naptime. I was thinking, I don't even get in the shower til after their breakfast and head straight to the computer or magazine during naptime!! What is my problem?? I need to go back to my "designated cleaning day". I used to claim Mondays as my cleaning day so that the rest of the week I wouldn't feel so guilty when I slacked off. You're right...internet is a drug!!


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