Thursday, February 25, 2010


need a pick-me-up? like i did today...
just watch this again.
it's bound to make you feel happy, lovey, smiley, and just plain good.
at least for the 5 minutes and 9 seconds that it plays.


last night miss k came over for dinner and a movie.
she showed up with a bottle of red (and white, just in case) and we had a great date. i made a chicken-pesto calzone for dinner and we watched

paper heart. oh my loveliness. it is so cute and funny. rent it. now. 
it's kind of a mix between a documentary on love and a romantic comedy. michael cera plays the love interest and he is so darling. you're not sure if you want to give him a smooch or a noogie. and charlyne yi is so quirky and...well, quirky pretty much sums her up. she's great and so funny.
we laughed and talked and ate chocolate and rewound (rewinded?) our favorite scenes to watch them again and again. it was so fun and refreshing.
plan a date night with your girlfriend this week.
trust me, you need it!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


sorry i've been absent.
piper showered me with kisses when we were reunited, but then it was payback. i've definitely had to work to reclaim my role as mom.
but, it was totally worth it.
mr.a's break at christmas had been so jam-packed with activity that this time, we made sure to just relax and enjoy each other.

before we left i stopped into forever21 to get a couple things and i found this great striped, wrap, cardigan thing. it's lightweight and comfy--perfect for travel. i ended up wearing it all weekend! it was the perfect extra layer.

scoop-neck t: j.crew
jeans: no-name, thrifted
bangles: f21, j.crew
the post exchange *

one day was sunny and gorgeous, so mr.a and i took quinn down to the river.
sigh...i love iowa, but it's hard to compete with 60 degrees in february.
it was sooo nice to just soak up some vitamin d and feel warmth on my face.
*for anyone who's not familiar: a post exchange is a store on base for military families. all purchases are tax free and most of the prices are about 20% lower than list price. the one at ft. benning was huge, like a mix of a department store & walmart. mr.a found these cute shoes for me and i love 'em. the minty color is so fun & springy!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


working out the kinks on a new layout...
there are some little things i want to change (that red-ish orange font on the sidebars topping the list) but overall, i think she's kinda cute! what do you think?
i confess, i did not do this alone.
delicious design studio made this cutie-cute layout and she's helping me get it just right for our little
it's a work in progress, but we'll get it right!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


hey friends. i'm back!
my valentine lovers journey was full of unexpected surprises.
some good:
sunshine. roses. kinq-sized beds.
some not-so-good:
snowstorms. flight delays. mandatory curfews.
but i had an amazing time with mr.a.
there are plenty of stories to share, but for now i'm going to snuggle with my favorite two year old who seems to have aged a year and grown 2 inches in the past 5 days.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


tomorrow i embark on a valentine lovers journey.
okay, that may be a little dramatic. but, i am going to visit my lover. and it just so happens to be valentine's weekend!
how perfect.*
on friday morning at 10:30 am, mr.a officially becomes a soldier. i'm so proud of him. since he began his training in october, he's accomplished some amazing things: promotion to squad leader, being the only squad leader in his platoon to not be fired from his position, improving his 
apft score by over 100 points, qualifying and securing a spot in airborne school, and being selected as honor graduate for his platoon. in addition to loving, supporting, and providing for his family from across the country.
this has been a huge challenge for both of us. we've done things we never knew we could and our separation is not over yet**
but the light at the end of the tunnel is shining pretty bright.

*anything would beat last year.
**he will have 3 weeks for
airborne training.

Friday, February 05, 2010


i think this should be my parental pledge:

i probably need to raise my right hand and recite it every morning. and at noontime.
and probably every night, too.

found on this momma's blog.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


whenever i write to do lists, i always include a few things i've already done so i can cross some stuff off right away.
it's encouraging and motivating in a silly way.
you should try it next time!
notice "shower" has not been crossed off yet.
how do you stay motivated when you have a million things to do?

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


sunshine cleaning.
not much of an outfit today cause it's time to get some cleaning done around here. i've mentioned the squalor we've been living in lately. today i actually thought,
hmmm...if DHS stopped by for some reason today, they'd probably take my kids away.
you're probably thinking,
stop whining, stop crying, stop blogging for heaven's sake and wash the blank-ing dishes!!!
don't worry. i'll get to them. but first things first...
waffle knit: splendid
orange tee: urban outfitters
jeans: gap
boots: sorel
i bought these boots when we lived in estes park. i honestly thought they were cute and obviously practical. since we returned to sea level, i sorta felt like wearing these was comparable to wearing stilettos in the mountains. but, this winter has been a beast and i've been loving these babies. plus, check out who's selling them now! i feel so hip.
now, off to tackle these:

and this is how i feel about that:


warning: potty talk ahead.
apparently, poop moves a bit faster if you stare it down and yell,

"come on poop!"

Monday, February 01, 2010


i basically wore this all weekend. literally. friday, saturday, sunday. other key players were sweat pants and a down vest.
sweater: j.crew
shirt: banana
scarf: urban outfitters
jeans: paige
boots: thrifted
i'm loving this lightweight denim shirt. i'm pretty sure i'll be wearing it year-round.
i must confess: when i was a freshman in high school, the ol' 
canadian tuxedoused to be a regular in my wardrobe.
i really thought it worked for me. i know, i know, bad. and here i am doing it again.  but... i really think it works for me! ha.
ten years from now i'll be back here regretting it again.
piper wore variations of her outfit all weekend, too. you can't see the adorable polka-dot tights hiding behind blankie. other key players for her included a tutu and tiara.
headband, cardigan, tights: target
dress: crewcuts
*no offense, my dear canadians. you know i love you. my little sister is canadian! true story for another day.