Friday, January 22, 2010


top: thrifted, plato's closet
jeans: banana republic
boots: steve & barry's (R.I.P.)
scarf: j.crew

i ran outside to take a picture, balanced the camera precariously on a pizza box atop the snow-covered picnic table in our yard, all the while dodging icicles that were crashing down around me from the trees and stepping through snow up to my knees. okay...ankles.
so, unfortunately, only one dorky pose shot was captured today.

i got this top on a mini thrifting trip yesterday. plato's closet is like tj maxx on steroids. you really have to be in the mood to dig and risk wasting an hour and leaving with nothing. yesterday i got lucky. i found this cute (though somewhat tent-like) top and a really pretty banana republic blouse. 
oh, and...what's that on my wrist, you ask? why let me give you a closer look...

after my thrifting success, i went out to grab the mail and there was a teeny little package in the mailbox. i opened it up and discovered pink tissue paper... okay, off to a good start*...
and then i see the words:
no. he didn't.
yes! he did!
because mr.a returned from basic training just a week before christmas, he told me he wasn't able to do much shopping. but he said a little surprise would come for me after he went back to georgia. well, oh my christmas, it was certainly worth the wait!

it's even more gorgeous in real life. sigh. love that mr.a.

*you know what they say... good things come in pink packages!
that is what they say, right?


  1. Yay for Mr. A! Did you cry? I would have.

    You should teach Piper how to use the camera.

  2. what a man. seriously.

    PS. (I first thought he got you skin care. the only "La Mer" I knew of. good thing i clicked the link :)

  3. what a wonderful gift, it's a beautiful watch! thanks for your comment!

  4. New blog post...where are you??


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