Wednesday, January 06, 2010


after 17 wonderful days together, mr.a headed back to georgia to finish up his training with the national guard. saying goodbye this time was much easier than the first. "easier" being quite relative... we've slipped back into our new norm and piper is adjusting well. a few times a day she says, "i miss my daddy and my wah-woo's!"  (at least she has her priorities straight.) ultimately, since we've been through this before, i'm better prepared for the challenges.
but, it's still the grocery store that really makes his absence hit home. i'm not sure if it's buying frozen meals and single-serve everything, or not buying his tortilla chips and sam adams. maybe it's not being able to call him to see if we need milk or not wondering whether he's sick of eating turkey & swiss for lunch. maybe it's being able to buy thin-crust pizza, fancy chocolate, and slightly-more-expensive wine without feeling guilty. whatever it is; i felt terribly empty, heart-achey, and lonely today.



  1. This pic of mr. a smooching quinn's pretty little head is practically pefection. I love the expression on her face. *smile*

  2. Cheer up Charlie :)

    I'm thinking of all of you today!

    Call me if you need anything.


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