Saturday, January 09, 2010


holy cuteness.
the sub-zero temperatures inspired me to look through some summer pics. look at all the cuteness i found...

how could this little cutieface ever be accused of being wild?
don't worry, i haven't forgotten this, this, or this. 

look at quinn in all her itty-bittyness!
try to avert your eyes from the not-so-cute denim stretched across my mid-region.

did i really say i was going to grow my hair out all year?
'cause this cute haircuttery is callin' my name...

okay, enough about me...
what are you cuties up to on this frigid saturday?


  1. *insert "grow it long chant" here*

  2. What I did today: I birthday shopped for Madeline and took her to a birthday party. The boys went to get their hair cut. We had chicken posole/i (however you spell it) for dinner and then watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."

  3. thank-you. i needed that. (chant.)

    and meatballs! i forgot about that movie! was it good? i will stick it in my queue.

  4. Sooo cute, she is so tiny, awww!

    I just met my best friend's newborn today, so precious.

    Love you blog :-)

  5. CWACOM was really good! I bought it for the kids since we had intended to take them to the theater to see it and we never did. Total mommy guilt purchase but it was good enough that I am glad I bought it! You can borrow it whenever to save the spot in your queue for Big Love!

  6. that family picture is so cuuute
    and i love that haircut!

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