Thursday, January 07, 2010


ah want that.*
 disclaimer: i know it is ridiculous to want anything this soon after christmas. and please note, i did not say need. we're snowed in with nothing to do but ignore the mountain of laundry that has covered half the square footage of my bedroom.
so online window-shopping we go!

urban outfitters rug.
totally cute. totally affordable. totally needs to be on my floor. now.

anything named after peter pan is okay by me.

about 10x more than i would ever spend on sneakers.
but i can still want them.

*please click here if those words mean nothing to you.


  1. love that you found that clip to back it up!! although I certainly didn't need to watch it to know what you were referring to. But of course i did anyway, and it made me laugh...out loud. (i refuse to say lol)

  2. hilarious...i am ashamed that i had to click on the link, but was laughing out loud.

  3. Oh I love the Urban Outfitters rug. It's gorgeous. It's too cold to do housework. Online shopping sounds like much more fun x

  4. okay, i made it official :) i live dangerously close to an urban outfitters, which has not been good for my bank account. anyway, yes i agree this top is adorable on and off the rack.

  5. mmmmm, laughed so hard. for so long.
    love you b.

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