Tuesday, January 05, 2010


happy new year, lovers!

can i call you lovers? just this once? i know it sounds a little paris hiltonesque, but it seems apropriate for new years. and by new years i mean 5 days past the new year. which leads to my first resolution: PUNCTUALITY! okay, not really. punctuality is just not in my blood. but i do have some goals for this year.

take vitamins at least once a week. ambitious, huh?
grow my hair out for the.whole.year. don't try to talk me out of it.
become a runner. like, maybe the dam to dam. but i'm kind of scared i even wrote that. if you're reading this, please don't hold me to it.
stop pulling my split-ends. nevermind. that's a vice i think i'll hold onto.
do yoga. or at least breathe like i'm doing yoga.
center myself before each day begins...silence, prayer, and meditation.

live out my beliefs. without having to claim them.
spend more time reading the Bible...than reading blogs.
spend more quality time with piper. not just managing her, but playing and learning with her.
speak less, listen more.
not lose my mind.
choose words, rather than spew words.
treat mr.a as well as he treats me....when he's here.
always communicate, never assume.

flirt more. with mr.a, that is.
redesign the look of dtwsld. by redesign i mean pay miss k to do it.
change my url. it's super-hard to find. right? i can hardly ever find it myself. is url even the right term?
be consistent!

here's to a new year with new goals! i totally believe writing out your goals is the best way to accomplish them. jessica and mancow feel the same way. how's that for credibility?


  1. love this post! you've inspired me to actually write my own. :) as for yours, there's a few i can probably help you out with....except the cutting the hair thing. i'm the worst at that!


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