Thursday, January 21, 2010


the princess on her throne.
yesterday was the official start of potty-training. no backing out.
we have the princess panties, the sticker chart, the treats, and the potty. for weeks now she's been letting us know every time she pees.
"i'm peein'!"

so, when the big ice storm hit yesterday, i knew it'd be the perfect opportunity to stay inside and take the plunge.
and...(drumroll please)'s been going great! she used her potty all day without any accidents. i stuck her potty right in front of the tv to keep her entertained while she waited and anytime she wanted a snack, i made her sit on the potty while she ate it. i put a pull-up on her for nap-time and she woke up dry. she wore it to bed last night and woke up dry this morning, too! just now, she peed a little bit in her panties, but stopped it and finished on the potty. no sign of #2 yet, but you know i'll have all the details for you when it comes!

(sorry, to those of you who have no interest in The Adventures of Potty-Training Piper. i promise to keep the pee-pee & poo-poo posts to a minimum.)


  1. way to go piper (and mama!) sounds like she gets it (especially since she's been waking up dry). yay for GIANT if you could just teach quinn at the same time....;)

  2. I see that folded baby laundry on the couch. did you put it away yet?? :) ha ha. kidding.
    i LOVED being there to cheer on Piper yesterday!

  3. YAY!!! Isn't it SO exciting?????

    Missed seeing you today!!

  4. we are working on this today as well! hope it goes well for you guys!


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