Thursday, January 21, 2010


when i was a young girl, my momma would trade home-made pies for work done around the house. i remember the bathroom being tiled, the basement being carpeted, the wood floors being re-finished, all paid for with pies.*
she would often let me make my own mini pie with the left-over crust and filling. it was my favorite thing to do and now tops the warm-fuzzy memory list. yesterday my sister and i spent the day cooking at my momma's and it was time to pass on the tradition...

the filling of choice...

still a bit too hot...

the perfect size for sharing...

basically anything wrapped in crust is delicious!
*memories have been known to fail (remember the james frey fiasco?), so please take this as a disclaimer. there may have been more than pies exchanged for all that work.
like homemade soup. or bread. or cookies. i don't know.


  1. Yum!! Look so fun and delicious... You have no idea who i am but i'm an avid reader of yours!!! But i wanted to know, is there a trick to how flaky your crust is...???

    Have fun at home snowed (iced) in!!!

  2. the trick is...PILLSBURY! WonderMom, i know.

  3. ohh this looks soo delicious and simple to make! btw, i'm sheena's friend from KC and she always talks about your wonderful and inspiring blog!


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