Tuesday, January 05, 2010


in the past, new year's has always been a bit anti-climactic. but this year we actually had some major plans! we got tickets to the des moines social club's bash which boasted burlesque dancers, arial artists, multiple deejays, bands, and other entertainment, all topped off with a human ball drop at midnight! sounds pretty fab, no? it was extremely packed out and unfortunately most of the entertainment was featured on very low stages, so even with my 4.5 inch heels (that mr.a bought me!!) i couldn't really see much. but anything can be a blast if you're with the right people. luckily, we were with these two...

we started out the evening at our friend sarah b's place. a little pre-party, if you will.

her room-mate had a little backdrop set up to capture us in all our new year's glory...
look how cute erin looked...

eventually we headed down to the dmsc. it was so cold it hurt. luckily we didn't have to wait in line...yet.
once inside, we donned our party hats and then took our place in the half-mile long line for drinks. luckily there was awesome people-watching. i saw a real-life Barbie doll. she got free drinks and didn't have to wait in line for them. i'll let you draw your own anatomical conclusions.
since the line was so long, we stocked up for the rest of the evening...
that's a joke, mom.

mr.a had a crush on this girl, because she brought her own koozie.

whatever. my boyfriend's a vampire and his hands are so cold he doesn't even need koozies!

anyway, back to the party....
at midnight they handed out the champagne of beers. cheeky.

and the human ball drop was pretty cool...
later we ran into mr.a's childhood friend, brett b. this is me introducing brett b. saying,
"this guy named his son after seth!" (true story.)

brett was running sound for this sort of, alty-rock band. they were decent.
but i just wanted to dance.

unfortunately, everyone was dancing in this strange way. apparently it's the alty-rock way. i tried to blend in, but as you can see....i did not.

let's just say it was reminiscent of the elaine.
please click to get a visual.

we ended the night with more line-waiting: big tomato pizza.
soooo good, so greasy...

and totally worth the wait.


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