Friday, January 29, 2010


oh my word. i am overwhelmed and in denial.
those should cancel each other out, right?
somehow i feel both.
overwhelmed. the wee babe is sick and just wants to snuggle (and watch momma blog). how can i deny her watery eyes and croaky cries. she can't even suck her sweet thumb 'cause she has to breathe through her mouth. poor little nugget. i want to take her to the chiropractor but i'm pretty sure they leave early on fridays and the big sis is napping. denial. i have a scary amount of dishes to do. by hand. like, it's so bad, i just used a crusty fork to eat lunch. i scraped off a chunk of something & just went with it. that's how bad it's gotten.overwhelmed. i gots bills to pay. (don't we all.) i've done a crap-job of keeping up with our finances the past month. sometimes i hate being in charge of everything. i don't resent it. but that doesn't mean i like it. denial. i need to step up my game. in the past week, i've realized that i've just been sort-of... existing since mr.a left. i know it's not healthy for me (or the girls) to just put life on hold until he returns.  i'm so lucky to have a man that truly makes me a better woman. but i want to be a great wife, mom, and woman all the time. not just when i have mr.a by my side.
i need a plan.

Friday, January 22, 2010


top: thrifted, plato's closet
jeans: banana republic
boots: steve & barry's (R.I.P.)
scarf: j.crew

i ran outside to take a picture, balanced the camera precariously on a pizza box atop the snow-covered picnic table in our yard, all the while dodging icicles that were crashing down around me from the trees and stepping through snow up to my knees. okay...ankles.
so, unfortunately, only one dorky pose shot was captured today.

i got this top on a mini thrifting trip yesterday. plato's closet is like tj maxx on steroids. you really have to be in the mood to dig and risk wasting an hour and leaving with nothing. yesterday i got lucky. i found this cute (though somewhat tent-like) top and a really pretty banana republic blouse. 
oh, and...what's that on my wrist, you ask? why let me give you a closer look...

after my thrifting success, i went out to grab the mail and there was a teeny little package in the mailbox. i opened it up and discovered pink tissue paper... okay, off to a good start*...
and then i see the words:
no. he didn't.
yes! he did!
because mr.a returned from basic training just a week before christmas, he told me he wasn't able to do much shopping. but he said a little surprise would come for me after he went back to georgia. well, oh my christmas, it was certainly worth the wait!

it's even more gorgeous in real life. sigh. love that mr.a.

*you know what they say... good things come in pink packages!
that is what they say, right?

Thursday, January 21, 2010


the princess on her throne.
yesterday was the official start of potty-training. no backing out.
we have the princess panties, the sticker chart, the treats, and the potty. for weeks now she's been letting us know every time she pees.
"i'm peein'!"

so, when the big ice storm hit yesterday, i knew it'd be the perfect opportunity to stay inside and take the plunge.
and...(drumroll please)'s been going great! she used her potty all day without any accidents. i stuck her potty right in front of the tv to keep her entertained while she waited and anytime she wanted a snack, i made her sit on the potty while she ate it. i put a pull-up on her for nap-time and she woke up dry. she wore it to bed last night and woke up dry this morning, too! just now, she peed a little bit in her panties, but stopped it and finished on the potty. no sign of #2 yet, but you know i'll have all the details for you when it comes!

(sorry, to those of you who have no interest in The Adventures of Potty-Training Piper. i promise to keep the pee-pee & poo-poo posts to a minimum.)


when i was a young girl, my momma would trade home-made pies for work done around the house. i remember the bathroom being tiled, the basement being carpeted, the wood floors being re-finished, all paid for with pies.*
she would often let me make my own mini pie with the left-over crust and filling. it was my favorite thing to do and now tops the warm-fuzzy memory list. yesterday my sister and i spent the day cooking at my momma's and it was time to pass on the tradition...

the filling of choice...

still a bit too hot...

the perfect size for sharing...

basically anything wrapped in crust is delicious!
*memories have been known to fail (remember the james frey fiasco?), so please take this as a disclaimer. there may have been more than pies exchanged for all that work.
like homemade soup. or bread. or cookies. i don't know.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


yesterday the world was covered in icy thorns.

if it weren't so beautiful it would almost look evil.

hopefully this poor spider has a winter web in cabo.

midwest winters get a
bad rap, but days like this redeem all sub-zero temperatures.

Friday, January 15, 2010


...there is nothing new under the sun.
ecclesiastes 1:9

wow. for those of you who don't read the glamourai, you must check out this site she blogged about today. an artist and sociologist paired up to create a collection of social snapshots over the past decade or so. 
i know my style isn't "original." i'm heavily unfluenced by fashion magazines and blogs and i don't feel too bad about fitting into a category. but seeing it en masse is almost shocking. i'm still wrapping my brain around it! 

p.s. i think they have to be posed...right?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


i'm watching american idol right now so i can't think of anything good to say about this outfit...
ummm, these are my new favorite jeans. they have awesome deconstructed details; patches, holes, stitching. if i was cool they would be like, my favorite jeans from 7th grade that i've kept & repaired for all these years. but, i'm not and they're not.
they're from the gap.

sweater: hand-me-down, banana republic
t-shirt: forever21
jeans: gap
belt: j.crew
scarf: target
earrings: banana
flats: steve madden

Monday, January 11, 2010


when you're two, red lipstick and red markers look pretty much the same.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


holy cuteness.
the sub-zero temperatures inspired me to look through some summer pics. look at all the cuteness i found...

how could this little cutieface ever be accused of being wild?
don't worry, i haven't forgotten this, this, or this. 

look at quinn in all her itty-bittyness!
try to avert your eyes from the not-so-cute denim stretched across my mid-region.

did i really say i was going to grow my hair out all year?
'cause this cute haircuttery is callin' my name...

okay, enough about me...
what are you cuties up to on this frigid saturday?

Thursday, January 07, 2010


ah want that.*
 disclaimer: i know it is ridiculous to want anything this soon after christmas. and please note, i did not say need. we're snowed in with nothing to do but ignore the mountain of laundry that has covered half the square footage of my bedroom.
so online window-shopping we go!

urban outfitters rug.
totally cute. totally affordable. totally needs to be on my floor. now.

anything named after peter pan is okay by me.

about 10x more than i would ever spend on sneakers.
but i can still want them.

*please click here if those words mean nothing to you.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


after 17 wonderful days together, mr.a headed back to georgia to finish up his training with the national guard. saying goodbye this time was much easier than the first. "easier" being quite relative... we've slipped back into our new norm and piper is adjusting well. a few times a day she says, "i miss my daddy and my wah-woo's!"  (at least she has her priorities straight.) ultimately, since we've been through this before, i'm better prepared for the challenges.
but, it's still the grocery store that really makes his absence hit home. i'm not sure if it's buying frozen meals and single-serve everything, or not buying his tortilla chips and sam adams. maybe it's not being able to call him to see if we need milk or not wondering whether he's sick of eating turkey & swiss for lunch. maybe it's being able to buy thin-crust pizza, fancy chocolate, and slightly-more-expensive wine without feeling guilty. whatever it is; i felt terribly empty, heart-achey, and lonely today.



i waited until the last minute to decide what to wear on new year's eve. not a good idea. i was kinda bummed about my options (which involved tights with a run in them), so mr.a took off for target to buy me a new pair of tights. isn't he sweet? well, he gets sweeter! while he was there he decided to pick out a pair of shoes to complete my outfit! coincidentally, he ran into my big sis who may have provided a little input. wink. anyway, i was thrilled with what they picked. the shoes were perfect. didn't get a great picture of me in them because i waited until the last minute to put them on. but this is what he bought me...

pretty good, huh?
anyway, i wanted to look kinda flirty but it was like 72 below that night, so tights & a jacket were a must. i wore flats until we went to the bash which helped me last the rest of the night in those heels.
this top is from one of those miracle thrifting moments. i was dropping stuff off at goodwill and decided to run in really quick. it's practically a rule that you must spend at least an hour in there to leave with anything decent. but, that day i got lucky. i was in & out of there in 10 minutes and left with two gorgeous vintage silk tops for $3!

top: goodwill, $1.50
skirt: target, $28
belt: j.crew, $14
tights: target, $6

bangles: j.crew, $4, $2.50
ring: j.crew, $9

flats: banana, gift
heels: target, $16

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


in the past, new year's has always been a bit anti-climactic. but this year we actually had some major plans! we got tickets to the des moines social club's bash which boasted burlesque dancers, arial artists, multiple deejays, bands, and other entertainment, all topped off with a human ball drop at midnight! sounds pretty fab, no? it was extremely packed out and unfortunately most of the entertainment was featured on very low stages, so even with my 4.5 inch heels (that mr.a bought me!!) i couldn't really see much. but anything can be a blast if you're with the right people. luckily, we were with these two...

we started out the evening at our friend sarah b's place. a little pre-party, if you will.

her room-mate had a little backdrop set up to capture us in all our new year's glory...
look how cute erin looked...

eventually we headed down to the dmsc. it was so cold it hurt. luckily we didn't have to wait in line...yet.
once inside, we donned our party hats and then took our place in the half-mile long line for drinks. luckily there was awesome people-watching. i saw a real-life Barbie doll. she got free drinks and didn't have to wait in line for them. i'll let you draw your own anatomical conclusions.
since the line was so long, we stocked up for the rest of the evening...
that's a joke, mom.

mr.a had a crush on this girl, because she brought her own koozie.

whatever. my boyfriend's a vampire and his hands are so cold he doesn't even need koozies!

anyway, back to the party....
at midnight they handed out the champagne of beers. cheeky.

and the human ball drop was pretty cool...
later we ran into mr.a's childhood friend, brett b. this is me introducing brett b. saying,
"this guy named his son after seth!" (true story.)

brett was running sound for this sort of, alty-rock band. they were decent.
but i just wanted to dance.

unfortunately, everyone was dancing in this strange way. apparently it's the alty-rock way. i tried to blend in, but as you can see....i did not.

let's just say it was reminiscent of the elaine.
please click to get a visual.

we ended the night with more line-waiting: big tomato pizza.
soooo good, so greasy...

and totally worth the wait.


happy new year, lovers!

can i call you lovers? just this once? i know it sounds a little paris hiltonesque, but it seems apropriate for new years. and by new years i mean 5 days past the new year. which leads to my first resolution: PUNCTUALITY! okay, not really. punctuality is just not in my blood. but i do have some goals for this year.

take vitamins at least once a week. ambitious, huh?
grow my hair out for the.whole.year. don't try to talk me out of it.
become a runner. like, maybe the dam to dam. but i'm kind of scared i even wrote that. if you're reading this, please don't hold me to it.
stop pulling my split-ends. nevermind. that's a vice i think i'll hold onto.
do yoga. or at least breathe like i'm doing yoga.
center myself before each day begins...silence, prayer, and meditation.

live out my beliefs. without having to claim them.
spend more time reading the Bible...than reading blogs.
spend more quality time with piper. not just managing her, but playing and learning with her.
speak less, listen more.
not lose my mind.
choose words, rather than spew words.
treat mr.a as well as he treats me....when he's here.
always communicate, never assume.

flirt more. with mr.a, that is.
redesign the look of dtwsld. by redesign i mean pay miss k to do it.
change my url. it's super-hard to find. right? i can hardly ever find it myself. is url even the right term?
be consistent!

here's to a new year with new goals! i totally believe writing out your goals is the best way to accomplish them. jessica and mancow feel the same way. how's that for credibility?