Saturday, December 19, 2009


i love a good senior pic.
oh my word, i have so much to tell you but i don't have time to share it all yet. mr.a ran to the store (yes, he's home!) so i'm taking this little minute to show you what i wore today....

i really liked this outfit. it was one of those days where things just magically came together and really worked, at least for me.

this green cardigan is one of my standby's. i bought it 5 years ago for $98! it seemed like a huge investment at the time and i was really nervous about spending that much; but i literally wear it year round and in the winter i wear it at least once a week. it is my favorite and i will never regret spending so much on it. if my house ever burns down i will grab this sweater and then probably my children. these rubber boots were another great buy. they were really cheap but i remember when i bought them, i didn't know how often i'd wear them and i wondered if it was a waste to even spend the $7. i wear them all the time.
it's frustrating how some of the things we spend the least amount of money on get the most wear. but then, something like this cardigan has been well worth the money. sigh... how do you know what's gonna be the IT item in your wardrobe?

anyway, here's the breakdown:

j.crew ($98)

striped button-down: gap ($6)
corduroys: j.crew ($11)
scarf: target ($14)
rubber riding boots: bitten, steve & barry's ($7)
gold hoops: target ($10)


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