Monday, December 14, 2009


do i look like a grandma?

i mean, i have nothing against grandmas. i love my grandmas...
however, the turtleneck/sweater-vest combo may be a little too golden girls for me.
i got this vest on super-clearance at target, thinking i'd be able to throw it over all kinds of stuff, but i'm realizing my winter wardrobe mostly consists of black & grey basics. not a wholelotta brown. i think they may have even had this vest in grey--wishing i'd bought that one instead.

anyway, this is what i'm wearing. i'm comfy and warm. (geez, since when were comfy and warm prioritized above cute and trendy?! i really am getting old!)

vest: target
t-neck: j.crew
jeans: gap
necklace: express
shoes: converse


  1. Sorry, B, you lost me on this one. Not a fan. :-) You were asking for my approval, right? Oh my! How lame and awful is this comment? You love me for my honesty, right?

  2. ah well, you win some, you lose some.
    i actually didn't even leave the house today. so don't worry, the public was spared the atrocity of this golden girls get-up.

  3. yeah, but you look like one of those really cute grandmas that everyone thinks, "oh, look at that cute grandma who still dresses so stylish!" lol.

  4. i don't know any grandmothers who wear converse shoes. enough said.


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