Saturday, December 12, 2009


"after three days in pajamas,
this is what you come up with?"*

yeah, yeah, so i'm basically still wearing pajamas. though i was more than ready to get out of the house** yesterday, i wasn't quite ready to get out of my comfy clothes. so the leggings, t-shirt dress***, and grandpa sweater felt like pj's but hopefully passed as an outfit.
in my defense, i added a chunky necklace...

and ditched the slippers for these guys...

cardigan: j.crew ($30)
t-shirt dress: tj maxx ($7)
knit leggings: j.crew ($5)
scarf: super-old, maybe target (?)
boots: steve madden ($40)
necklace: super-old ($5)

*notice piper sizing me up, already embarassed to be seen in public with me.

**post-blizzard...yeah, you may have seen our little iowa town on the TODAY show. woot-woot!

***okay, i admit, it's not really a t-shirt dress. it's just a t-shirt that i happened to buy 3 sizes too big. "t-shirt dress" sounded more outfit-y. i'm still trying to convince you that this is an outfit and not pajamas. outfitoutfitoutfitoutfitoufitoufitoufitoutfit.

****garance is the original queen of the asterisk. and many other things. check out her genius here.


  1. This is hilarious...I was totally thinking before I saw your t-shirt "dres" confession "Bethany, there is no way that is a dress. And if it is...holy moly! Shhhhooooort!!"

    Love that blog you recommended! I want her house!!!

  2. You're adorable!!!! Gorgeous like whoa adorable!


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