Tuesday, December 01, 2009


sweater: gap
t-shirt: j.crew
jeans: paige
flats: steve madden
bracelet: j.crew

the magical day has arrived--my jeans fit again! outfit opportunities are reappearing daily. now if i only had time to take photos of them...sigh.
when i'm not blogging, i miss blogging. i haven't forgotten about you, or my little d.t.w.s.l.d. without mr.a around, it's harder to photograph my life for posting purposes, i have to just live it. or.....try to survive it.

anyway, wearing this slouchy sweater that i bought as a going-away present for myself. even though i'm not the one who went away. haha. a little retail therapy was in order after mr.a left. oh, and i guess the shoes were a going-away present, too. sheepish grin...

he'll be home for Christmas in 17 days!!!
promise not tell him about my going-away presents...


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