Thursday, December 31, 2009


i know i've mentioned before about my dread associated with family pictures. i've hated getting my picture taken since i was a little girl, but now it's even worse because not only am i responsible for making sure i look okay, i have to make sure mr. a looks good, piper's looking at the camera, and quinn's not crying. not to mention trying to somewhat coordinate outfits for 13 people.
one year my sister and hubs paid for a professional photographer. which put even more pressure on us all. that was the year of the brown...

since then, we resorted to a simple snapshot. last year i was newly and secretly pregnant (aka: tired & grumpy) and piper was being a wild child. later i had to do some airbrushing to make piper not look posessed and me not look completely (pardon my language) pissed...

a few days ago my brother and sister in law arrived from california and the whole family was together again. this only happens once a year, so of course it must be documented photographically. but, lucky for me, no one told me about the family picture until 5 minutes before so there was no time to stress! plus, piper is finally old enough to be bribed so in only two tries, we got a great shot.


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