Sunday, December 13, 2009


girl crush confession:
oh man. do you ever see someone and just think,
"man, i want to BE them!" even if you don't really want to be them, you just want little pieces of their life to be little pieces of your life. take this girl for instance:

the little pieces of her life that i would like for my own?
her hair long and glorious and natural-looking.
her wardrobe amaaaaaazing.
her job stylist for anthropologie? uh, hello!
i am totally inspired. as lame and unoriginal as this sounds--i want to dress just. like. her.
i would wear every single outfit that she's posted. and she's a mom. bonus points! and she looks kinda short, right?
i'm short, so i like seeing people who do short well.
she certainly does. bonus, bonus points!
she has a handsome hubsy and a tot name hudson. hudson! sigh.
love her.


  1. Dawson was going to be Hudson til a new family came to our church with a Hudson :(
    Yes, I can totally see you in that outfit. But just remember...there are all kinds of people out there who have girl crushes on YOU! You do all kinds of things fabulously. And maybe you'll never ever have a job as incredible as that but I bet you're nicer than her :) (And you're prettier)

  2. question: "do you ever see someone and just think, 'man, i want to BE them!'"

    answer: "um.....yeah. it's you." <3

    side note: you're sister rocks...and i agree. you are much prettier than her.

  3. oh & thanks for the new blog to follow. i have just spent the last hour perusing! she is amazing! love her thrift style & i am go to a big city thrift store & find some amazing things!!

  4. wow. thank-you, have & mer! you met my self-confidence quota for the week!
    and yes, my sister does rock. best friend, ever.

  5. Not sure how... but stumbled across your blog and love it! I noticed somewhere on here that you live in Iowa? I grew up there:) land of the corn..yay! ha!
    Your babes look to be about the same age as mine! Just wanted to let you know that I'm reading along!

  6. Have and Mere are are WAY more inspiring and WAY cuter!

  7. Glad I checked back on all these comments. Thanks for the best friend ever remark. Made my night for sure. And how cool...a stranger blog follower!! See?? You are super cool/cute/stylish/envy-inducing.
    (and most winter days when I get dressed, I sigh to myself and think, 'I'll never ever be as stylish as Bethany'. [i literally thought that just today as I put on my hot pink long sleeved t and gray knit banana hoodie for the
    4th time in 2 weeks] But I'm ok with that :)

  8. well i agree with all the are way more inspiring, pretty, and all of that. thats why i check out your blog from time to time (i'm a college friend of haverlee's, saw your blog from hers) b/c you are so fun and i love your honest blog thoughts. i have good friends that i never check their blog (too boring, as is mine.ha) but you, a stranger i get excited to see what thoughts i will read of yours any given day. be encouraged, you are "that girl"


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