Wednesday, December 09, 2009


though having mr.a home for christmas is really all i need, just in case he wants to buy me a gift, here are some items on my wish list this year:

watch.   poster.   pillow.   shirt.   shoes.   dress.

and some gifts i would like to give
whiskey rocks for mr.a

bookends for bestie

stacked mugs for dad

ring for little sis

herb planters and labels for mom

other fun gifts have already been purchased and hidden away...there must be some surprise left in the season!


  1. what the heck are whiskey rocks?? fun stuff. i love those stacking mugs and the key pillow

  2. they're rocks made out of whiskey!

    okay, not really. they're stone cubes that you freeze and put in your glass in order to cool the drink without making it watery.

  3. I love those stackable mugs. So cute!

    I also love the watch on your list - I hope you get it!

  4. Have you read the whiskey rocks reviews? Some say they don't get cold enough to actually cool your whiskey. I was thinking of those for my dad but now I am not so sure.

  5. where do you get the neat little herb spoon markers?


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