Thursday, December 31, 2009


snapshots of christmas.
warning: loooong post ahead. like, if you make it past picture #6, i will consider you family and probably include you in our will.

few days before christmas we finally found our perfect little tree...

it's just the right size for our little home and family.

we spend a lot of time just staring at it and thinking about how cute it is. (okay, at least i do.)

at about 6:30 on christmas morning, we opened our stockings together in bed...
piper insisted on sleeping in her "pretty dress" the night before.

i personally think stockings are the best part of christmas.

while mr.a and i were distracted by the contents of our stockings, we realized piper had snuck out of the room. we found her eating a reese's peanut-butter cup in her bedroom. she graciously shared half with mr.a...
we were most excited to present piper with her very own dollhouse...

unbeknownst to us, she had asked santa for a PINK dollhouse.
she let us know, in no uncertain terms, and ran out of the room.

mr.a eventually convinced her to come check it out, but she was not thrilled with santa's mistake.

i, however, was quite thrilled with my gifts...

later we had a fabulous brunch at my parents house, followed by the traditional reading of the christmas story.

these two got lost on the journey to bethlehem...

after the reading, a few carols, and a moment to thank the Lord for the gifts he gives; it was time to open gifts from each other...

when piper received the little family for her dollhouse, she forgave santa for the mix-up. 

and the pink tutu and tiara more than made up for it.

don't you love when you find a gift that you know is just right?
this tote bag for my mom was one of those gifts. not many would shed tears over a highway sign, but she's a floridian stranded in iowa and now she can carry a little piece of florida with her all the time.

another christmas tradition in our family is this girl...

my best friend, erika, spends every christmas with us. she has her own amazing family, but she's also a part of ours and christmas morning wouldn't be the same without her.
(and the amazing gifts she always brings!)

the next morning we woke up in a winter wonderland.
mr.a's parents live in a beautiful secluded area. perfect for a quiet morning before more holiday madness began.

piper and nana made cherry vanilla coffee cake. it was amaaaazing.

later, there were more gifts to open.
the little girls' matching sleeping bags were a big hit.

quinn's only present was a big hit, as well.

our christmas has been filled with so many wonderful moments. we've laughed and cried and snuggled and ate and drank and sang and talked and listened and just, enjoyed one another.
i hope yours was as memorable as


  1. That was fun to read! It was so much fun to see our kids and now grandkids enjoying each other!


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