Thursday, December 24, 2009


we took piper and quinn to see santa clause this week...
piper gave santa her wah-woos* in exchange for presents.
14 wah-woos for 14 presents!

we talked through it with her and let her decide if she was really ready. we put them all in a special bucket for santa...

and included a tootsie pop for him, too...

it hasn't been as tough as we thought--actually more heart-breaking than anything. the first night she just wept.
i miss my wah-woo!
i just want my wah-woos back!
and when i told her she should go to sleep so she could dream about all the toys she'll get instead of her wah-woos, she cried...
i just want to dream about my pink wah-woo!
she wasn't mad or naughty about it, just sad. but, last night (night two) was much better. after mr.a told her a story about each of the disney princesses (umm, the cutest thing to eavesdrop on. EVER.) she fell fast asleep without a wimper and didn't wake til morning. it may sound cheesy but i'm so proud of her. i know she really misses having her wah-woos but she's been very brave. lately i feel my heart wince a little when i think about her growing up. she's such a fun, quirky little girl and she just makes me laugh all the time. i want to freeze these moments. i never want to forget her funny phrases and cute speech impediments and....
oh, how timely. she just came upstairs to let me know she drew on the rug with permanent marker. sigh. lucky she caught me in a moment of nostalgia.
(and that the rug was really cheap.)

*piper named her pacifiers wah-woo pretty much as soon as she could speak. we have no idea where the name came from. she reminds me so much of  my little sister when she was young. ask me about the time my little sis convinced all the neighborhood kids that her sandbox was called Calottabread. Calottabread. yeah. she's a strange one. guess it runs in the family.

anyway, just want all of you to know, i'm honored that you take the time to read this little thing called blog. whether we know you or not, we wish you love, joy and peace during this holiday season.

merry christmas.
  mr.a   *   b.a.   *   spunky p   *   sweety q


  1. Oh my more wah-woos. That is so sad. Love that she gave them to Santa. I wonder how many he collects each year?

    Have a great Christmas, Bethany!! Love you and your family!!

  2. I love reading about your sweet and family! Glad you can all be together for the holidays!

    PS....I had a weird pregnancy dream that I met you in real life and you thought I was rather stalkerish since I knew so much about you. Glad you are accepting of your stranger fan club:)

  3. Bethany, that last picture of all of you gave me chills. I can't even imagine how happy that moment was for you to be reunited. I think you have the sweetest family ever, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas together!

  4. Once again, reading your blog gave me a perfect ending to a perfect day!

  5. Ok...after reading this maybe Jon and I can help Hallie rid herself of her binkie! I am so dreading it...she loves it so much. I think we are going to let her adjust to the new baby and then hopefully take it away soon after!

  6. I just want you to know that I love reading your blog. And I specifically love your blogs about your babies because I always feel like I will someday have to go through that. It's nice to have somebody else that is such a young mom to empathize with. :)

    Love, Courtney Harden

  7. I found you through Katie Evan's blog - and I just wanted to say that your family is just too cute and I am so glad mr. a is home! My husband and I are forever grateful & thankful for those who serve our country - so thanks!! You have 2 more praying for your hubby and your family!!

    Love the reunion photo - your girls are so cute!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!

    Angie Nixon


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