Saturday, November 21, 2009


oh my doodness! (piper says her g's as d's and it's catching on...)
i am in love with this etsy seller. all her prints are light-hearted and lovely. these are the ones i neeeeeed.
ok, waaaaaant.

this little bunny girl:
we have a little bunny collection. not dorky bunnies, i promise.

for piper's room:

this most-adorable alphabet:
z for zigzag? could it get any cuter?

for quinn's room:

this colorful cutie:
"live it up"? love it up!

for the play room:

and my mantra:
in glorious, sunny yellow!

for my wailing inspiration wall:


  1. Reason # 298746783 that I don't like that Seth is gone: You aren't posting as much. Miss you! We will need to have you guys over SOON!!!

  2. You won an award....check out my blog!!

  3. I am so glad I found this blog. You have unbelievable taste! I love your photos and designs.


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