Monday, November 09, 2009


ack! i've been the worst blogger lately. are you not doing, thinking, wearing, seeing, loving, or dreaming anything, you ask? i promise i am. but unfortunately the new norm doesn't include a whole lot of time for blogging. each day i write out the day's events in a letter for mr. a so after that, i'm pretty much spent.  but here's a mini-post for you....

do with this gorgeous weather we've been having, we have tried to spend as much time outside as possible. here's a cutey-cute picture of baby quinn on a cool day at the park:

thinktomorrow will be the half-way point and, after a few hellish weeks, i must say things have been going okay. not great or easy, but...okay. at one point i just cried thinking, i'm never going to get used to this. but actually, i have gotten used to it. nevertheless, i ache for mr. a and can.not.wait. for december 18th.

wear ummm, no actual outfit pics. but this week is friends & family discount week at the gap & co. and i'd like to use my 30% off for this little chap:

see receiving this picture in my e-mail box was the highlight of my weekend. can you see mr. a?
love my dad showed me this amazing online radio site called pandora radio. it's so amazing. you can create your own radio "station" simply by choosing a song or an artist you like and it will choose songs that are of similar style. if it picks a song you hate, you just click a button and it reformats for your taste! i'm loving it. i've been creating new radio stations all day, even one for little P! plus there's like, one 20 second commercial every half hour (or maybe even less). check it out here.

dream christmas is always a time of year we look forward to, but this year i can't help but daydream about it allllll the time. since mr. a will be home it just makes everything extra-special. i can't wait to pick out a tree together, take piper to look at christmas lights, and wrap gifts on christmas eve while watching some great christmas movie (White Christmas, A Christmas Story, or Home Alone top my list). last year piper wasn't quite old enough to enjoy all the festivities, but it seems like this year we can start some traditions for our family that she will remember. what are you daydreaming about these days?


  1. i can practically see the heart drawn around his cutie army face!!

    love your posts no matter when they come!! so excited that you've almost hit the 1/2 way point. you can do it lassie.

    um...and QUINN. yes, adorable on every level...i think i can smell her baby loveliness coming through my computer.

  2. haha, i ALMOST added a heart to that picture!

  3. Hi Bethany, So everytime I think of you I am praying for you. Mark had to work till like 11 the other night, a Friday night and I was are probably thinking GET REAL! But, I prayed for you during that time and the other troops spouses. I think you are awesome and I think its great that you are taking care of those girlies on your own a lot.

    Dreaming about...Christmas too. I don't know why either but this year I want it to get here, not the day because then it is soon over but the time for the tree and decorations and such!

    Wishing you well little lady.

  4. Who made Quinn's hat? It's very sweet.

    I have been loving Pandora as well. It's quite dangerous for me, though, since it's so fun to just sit and wait for what song comes up next.

    That is a happy coat.

    Love the pic! Can't help but chuckle at the two soliders lying down in front. Hope they got some shots in wicker chairs with soft lighting...

    Umbra has some fun oversized buttons for walls and they made me think of you.

  5. uh-oh Cin, are you trying to get me to spend more money?!? first modcloth, then the urban outfitters wall, and now this! did you know i have a strange love for buttons? buttons and quilts. and stripes. (as evidenced by that coat.)

  6. oh my gosh love that coat! Its amazingY ou have amazing taste! love ur blog!

    come check me out when u have a sec. I have 2 giveaways going on that are perfect for christmas and I always have a new one every monday so be sure to follow me :)

  7. i'll be jealous of your coat :) But that's ok. I feel bad I didn't tell you about Pandora sooner! Joni Pine told me about it at AFC years ago and I love it. I guess I assumed my internet obsessed sister knew about it :) I just never use it at home for some weird reason. I think I may have told Dad about it...not sure though. Probably not. I just made that up in my mind.

  8. Love Pandora also!! I love hearing different songs in many different genres - get bored quickly otherwise - always run it on Quick Mix! Also, need to run my newest fashion acquision by you for input on legwear!


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