Monday, October 12, 2009


i've been taking pictures lately but not posting them. luckily, you haven't missed much. i've basically been wearing the same thing every day, with just slight variation. lots of this cardigan with j.crew graphic t's & the boyfriend jeans...

i love it 'cause it's lightweight, a good layering piece, and the teeny-tiny stripe adds interest but can be paired with just about anything.

last night i switched things up a bit. i went to hear author donald miller speak (great.great.great. go see him.) so i worked a bit of back-to-school into my everday look:

maybe i need go go back to school to learn how to not cut my head off in pictures. seriously. i took like 4 pictures and this is the most my head appeared in any of them. i don't have a tripod so i usually have to balance my camera precariously on miscellaneous items i find in the kitchen. i think yesterday it was piper's high-chair and an oven mitt.
note to self: high-chair and oven mitt = no head.


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