Sunday, October 04, 2009


sorry i haven't really felt like blogging lately. i guess i just don't want to be debbie-blogspot-downer. i'm not like, deeply depressed, but maybe a little depressed. it's so strange--my emotions are so jumpy lately. i'll feel totally fine and even optimistic, but then all of a sudden, in the unexpected moments, i'll get really emotional, teary, and sometimes really anxious.
anyway, i just wanted to let you know, i'm still here. i have stuff i want to blog, but just don't have much motivation or creativity flowing right now. maybe in a few days...
thanks for all the support i've received. i appreciate it. and need it.


  1. Oh bethany, I promise to pray for you while Seth is gone. God is amazing and HE WHO CALLED YOU IS FAITHFUL. He who called Seth is faithful.

    As cheesy as you may think this is...look and see if there is a MOPS close by, it has really been an encouragement to me.

  2. Thinking of you constantly and praying for peace and confort to you and your babies. And for Seth! We love you and want to support you in any way!!!

    Chad is gone all next week so we can hang anytime!!! How about you and the girls coming over on Tuesday night for dinner and a kiddie movie??


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